In Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai we recently saw a high voltage drama with Akshat kidnapping Kairav. Kartik(Mohsin Khan) and Naira(Played by Shivangi Joshi) did every possible thing to get their son back. Finally Vedika (Pankhuri Srivastav) saves Kairav.

Amidst all this drama we already saw Kartik confessing his love for Naira. Fans who thought that it was a dream were surprised when it happened for real that Kartik told Naira about how he still loves her and staying so far for so many years was not at all worth it! But then Vedika interrupts this conversation not letting Naira respond to Kartik’s confession.

When Kairav was saved and Akshat was found by Kartik. The later beats Akshat but at one point Kartik becomes weak and Akshat starts beating him. Here , our Sherni Naira comes to the picture and saves Kartik. A concerned Naira also confesses about how even she loves Kartik back. This becomes a very big step towards Kaira milan.

This was the best romantic scene of this week.In past we have seen all the major Milans have happened on fridays only for example – Kaira milan 1 and 2. Now this confession has given a big hope for the fans to see a milan before this year ends. But again the main stoppage in this milan is Vedika as she has seen this confession what will she do to create distance between Kartik and Naira will be interesting to watch.

While we see in today’s episode precap for the next episode that Kartik holds Naira from behind and this gets records in a camera and then later it is seen by Vedika.

How will our love birds Kaira make their way back to each other? This will be very exciting to watch. Let us know in comments your views on the same!2