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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is about the relation of a father and her daughter. Bishu goest to any extent to arrange a luxury car for Kajol’s husband. Kajol’s father’s health keeps worsening over time as her marriage approaches near. Shreya keeps trying to find ways to insult Kajol and her family. Aion returns back and warns Shreya about her relationship with Arjun. Anurag is a strict and straightforward guy always busy about his work but he worries about Kajol. What is going to happen as Kajol’s marriage progress?

Kajol told Bishu he will be admitted in hospital soon after the reception and do all tests Doctor Anurag has said. Kajol said Bishu he won’t sit in the pooja and tells him to rest. Panditji told Bishu he has already finished his part in the pooja and now the rest will be done by Kajol. Bolti told Aion that Kajol is very good and he will like her. Bolti’s mother told her not to open her mouth in Kajol’s favour about the cocktail party. Arjun told Shreya not to worry he will talk with his brother.

Aion asked Bolti what happened in the cocktail party? Bolti told him how Shreya gave money to waiter and mixed alcohol in Kajol’s drink. Shreya told Arjun to stop her from going with Aion anyhow and do whatever he wants but fast. Aion told Arjun now he should concentrate only on Kajol because she is leaving everything for him. Rajesh brought the luxury car for Aion and they are glad.

Shreya tried to insul Kajol’s upbringing by talking about the cocktail party but gets insulted by Thakur Ma for her act. Bolti tells she is waiting the most for Kajol in that house. Aion apologized to Kajol for whatever happened in the party. Shreya told are you trying to blame me, why don’t you ask your daughter what she did? Kajol’s mother told today is her marriage and you are our guest so better understand and behave as they don’t want to insult her more. Shreya decided to insult Kajol in front of everyone on the day of marriage.

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