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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is about the relation of a father and her daughter. Bishu goest to any extent to arrange a luxury car for Kajol’s husband. Kajol’s father’s health keeps worsening over time as her marriage approaches near. Shreya keeps trying to find ways to insult Kajol and her family. Aion returns back and warns Shreya about her relationship with Arjun. Anurag is a strict and straightforward guy always busy about his work but he worries about Kajol. What is going to happen as Kajol’s marriage progress?

Kajol dressed beautifully as a bride and her mother praised her. Kajol’s aunt ask her why is she so worried? Kajol tells she is meeting Arjun for the first time after the cocktail party. ThakurMa tells Kajol she will win everyone’s heart with her love and live like a queen. Kajol’s mother tell her Arjun will be there too and he loves you a lot. Kajol tells them not to worry about her and take care of her.

Kajol thought how can she start her new life without Bishu’s blessing and runs back to Bishu’s room. Bishu told ThakurMaa he knew Kajol will definitely come to meet him and she won’t go to mandap without meeting her father. Bishu blessed Kajol to be happy always and remember that she is a lady and never to loose her self-respect in her in-laws house. Arjun’s baarat came with him inside the new car. Bishu tells Rajesh he cannot express now how much relaxed he is now after watching Arjun in the car.

Chandana told Arjun’s car is looking new like he bought it for the marriage only. Naina told Arjun has a reputation to maintain and if father didn’t give him a car he had to buy it himself. Naina told Arjun he took entry like Hrithik Roshan. Arjun told even she is not looking less than Katrina and everyone laughs. Arjun sat on the stage and the episode ends with Kajol thinking to have her father’s blessings with her always as she is about to start a new life.

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