S.S. Rajamouli’s directorial India’s period action film ‘RRR’ clocks 2 years since its release. Audiences around the world showered love and appreciation to the director and actors from the film. Especially on the iconic character of Komaram Bheem which was played by Man of Masses NTR Jr. Since its release, NTR Jr.’s performance and the anticipated character have captivated audiences worldwide, from the West to the East.

NTR Jr, often referred to as Man of Masses for his immense popularity among audiences, has garnered widespread acclaim for his portrayal of Komaram Bheem. His performance has been praised for its intensity, authenticity, and emotional depth, bringing the legendary freedom fighter to life on the big screen.

The character received praise from across the globe which includes international artists such as Chris Hemsworth, James Gunn, and Hollywood filmmaker Kevin Taft to the fans in Japan.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn expressed his desire to work with Man of Masses NTR Jr. during an interview, James was asked if he could introduce an Indian actor into the Guardians universe, who it would be? To which Well known director James Gunn said, “I would love to work with that NTR Jr. someday. He is so amazing, so cool.” The craze of Man of Masses NTR Jr. increased day by day but James Gunn wasn’t the only one who expressed the desire to work with him.

Hollywood filmmaker Kevin Taft also talked about the actor as he praised and admired NTR Jr’s physique and mentioned how he was “Bouncing in his seat” after watching NTR Jr’s performance as Komaram Bheem. Kevin Taft said, “With one of the most engaging and electrifying performances to grace the silver screen. I rose, I roared, and if I don’t get the name NTR Jr’s personal trainer, I will revolt.”

The list goes on for the love and appreciation of Man of Masses NTR Jr as ‘Emily in Paris’ star Lucien Laviscount shared a picture with NTR Jr. This wholesome moment happened in LA when Lucien ran into Jr NTR at a cafe to get a picture with NTR Jr. Later, they even chatted about the film.

During this time the world witnessed the love, affection, and praise showered by the Hollywood stars and fans around the world towards Man of Masses NTR Jr. The stardom of NTR Jr increased day-by-day as his aura and screen appeal made fans go crazy. Now, the Man of Masses is gearing up for his anticipated upcoming movie ‘Devara: Part 1’. It will be a delight to watch NTR Jr. portraying the massy character again.