Television’s heartthrob Shaheer Sheikh has won millions of hearts with his portrayal of Abir Rajvansh in Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke. Here are the reasons why we love him.

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He came into our lives a little while ago with a bunch of balloons and a smiling face. He instantly won over viewers with his affection and charm.

We just can’t forget his beautiful shayari right at his entry. Can we? We were in total awe.

The way he brings out his inner child. It’s like nobody else does. Abir is a carefree guy who knows nothing but to spread happiness.

We bet no one can miss Abir’s one-sided loopy grin. He smirks when he is up for some mischief and then it’s easily distinguishable from the killer smile that he gives otherwise. It’s can’t go amiss.

Abir and his different moods or should we say mood swings. The scrunched eyebrows together and the slightly parted mouth when he is shocked is delectable. His hazel brown expressive eyes, the casting down and the fluttering of his lashes when he is guilty or staring right into Mishti. However, Shaheer Sheikh makes sure that Abir carries a different mood every fraction of a second in a scene.

Shaheer as Abir absolutely reminds us of the emojis on our phones. Our favourite is love stricken, when he oozes love from both eyes for Mishti. Which one is yours?

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With Shaheer Shaikh’s charm and aura and Rajan Shahi’s magical storyline, Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar ke definitely can’t be missed. 

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