Over the years, Bollywood has evinced precarious range of hip shakers who have set the silver screen on fire. From Mithun Chakraborty’s disco dance to Govinda’s kickass dance style to Prabhudeva’s pliable moves, Bollywood has regaled in the magic of dance and masti of them all.

Bollywood continues to gift extreme dancing talents to its viewers even today. It showcases some awesome bunch of actors, who have proved themselves stunners in dancing, with the perfect dance technique along with some spicy moves, they add X-factor and spark to the Big screen. Let’s take a look at the current dancing sensations of our film industry.

Hritik Roshan

Hritik Roshan was grown up aping Michael Jackson and he made a mark as one of the noted dancers of Bollywood. Whether it is tapping in the rain in the typical Gene Kelly style or transporting oneself into the divine trance during Khwaja mere Khwaja song or the super pliable moves of Mai Aisa kyu hu…. this Dhoom-er has flawlessly bang-banged the screen with his fascinating moves.

Shahid Kapoor

A product of Shiamak Davar School of dance,who started off his career as a background dancer but with his dedication and passion for dance made him one of the undisputed dancer of silver screen. Be it a raunchy number like ‘Saaree ke fall sa’ or a peppy song like ‘Mauja hi mauja’, Shahid has moved in perfect tandem with the beats of ‘Nagada’ and ‘Pump it up’ number made him one of the iconic dancing stars of Bollywood.

Varun Dhawan

A man with hot body, oodles of charm, naughty smile and effortless dancing, Varun Dhawan is definitely one of the best dancers out of the current crop of actors in Bollywood. Walk into any party or club, its incomplete without grooving to his ‘Saturday Saturday’ number. Lyrical hip-hop, urban hip-hop and perfect swirls in ABCD2, despite dancing with professionals in the same frame, Varun lucidly stood out as the best performer. His killer stomping in ‘Badlapur’, Bollywood style dance in ‘Dilwaale’ has jagaao-ed emotions in our hearts for this handsome hunk.

Tiger Shroff

The ‘Flying Jatt’ of Bollywood, an ardent Michael Jackson fan, a man with twinkle toes and charismatic moves .Tiger proved his mettle in dancing right from his debut movie and creates sheer magic when he shakes his ‘booty‘ on the beats leaving girls go gaga over him. Hip Hop, House, B-Boying, acrobatics, fusion with dancehall style, popping..and what not? Name a dance form, and Tiger knows it well. He ┬áleaves us so awed at his perfection that we can’t help whistle bajaao over his dance.

Ranbir Kapoor

While all other actors from the current lot are doing professional and hardcore dancing, this ‘Sanwariya’ of Bollywood has made a distinct mark as a dancer with his rocking numbers, tapori and free style dancing. With Cheeky items like ‘Ghaghra Ghaghra’, mettlesome numbers like ‘Badtameez dil’, rollicking songs like ‘Dilli wali girlfriend’ and the unforgettable Holi song ‘Balam pichkaari’, Ranbir has proved that he just doesn’t leave us all drooling but also make us groove to the songs with his energetic performance.

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