Preeti and KT from the show Shaadi Mubarak are one of the most delightful on-screen couple. They are poles apart from each other and have the most unexpected love story. Preeti, a widow fighting for her self respect meets an ex-film star KT. Both partner up to start “Shaadi Mubarak” while their age never becomes a hurdle in their journey. This unique tale of self-respect, friendship and love manages to grab the attention of the audiences.

The two have gone throw some strange circumstances, but eventually have fallen for each other. They fight, argue and have misunderstandings too but they were always there for one another in times of need.

Shaadi Mubarak is a store house of never ending drama. KT and Preeti’s love story have been through a number of twists and turns. But amid all the chaos, they have always managed to stay together. 

Here are the top 5 best scenes of #KeerTi which will brighten your day!

1). On the occasion of chocolate day, Neel gifted spiked chocolates to Preeti and KT. They consumes it and gets intoxicated. Later, KT sees Preeti holding a piece of chocolate with her lips and gets smitten by her. He goes towards her sensually and both eats from the same chocolate. In this process, they gets close and shares a lip kiss. This scene have literally made the audiences blush.

2). Nandini revealed the shocking truth to KT making him shattered. She instigates him to suicide, while he looses his mind. Preeti tries to console him but he looks lost, suddenly the temple catches fire. Preeti risks her life to save KT. She brings him out of the fire and teaches a good lesson to Nandini.

3). Remember the time when Preeti decided to leave KT. At that moment, he realizes his love for her and confesses it publicly. He accepts his mistakes and apologizes to her. He states that he is incomplete without her and further, performs a heroic stunt to stop her. He beautifully pours his inner feelings out, winning Preeti as well as the audiences heart.

4). KT surprises Preeti with a perfect date-night. She gets mesmerized seeing the arrangements done by KT, while he welcomes her with a heartwarming speech. He expresses his love for her making her emotional. Meanwhile, Preeti discuss about having a child with him, but he denies to compromise her health for the baby. He stated that he is happy being around her and does not need anything else. His care for Preeti makes the viewers contented.

5). Preeti was devastated thinking about her surgery, when KT comes there unexpectedly and provides her the comfort she was longing for. She apologizes to him for hiding her illness, whereas he embraces her tightly providing assurance. He holds her and gives her the strength to fight against cancer. It is the most heart-rending scene for all the fans of Shaadi Mubarak.

These are the top 5 best scenes of Preeti a.k.a Rati Pandey and KT a.k.a Manav Gohil’s starrer “Shaadi Mubarak.” The serial never fails to amaze the audiences and so, it would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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