Mohsin Khan who is playing Kartik Goenka in Star Plus’ serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, is a spectacular actor. His acting skills are perfect as he express all emotions naturally which are impactful on-screen. Here is are some heart wrenching scenes of Mohsin Khan as Kartik, which bring tears in viewer’s eyes.

When Naira rejects Kartik:

In the show when Kartik proposed Naira and show his feelings to her, but Naira was totally confused on that time about her feelings so she rejects Kartik proposal. Kartik felt emotionally broken. This scene Mohsin does very amazingly and show very real emotions of a heartbroken guy.

Kartik lost his Brother:

In the show when Kartik brother Shubham was dead because of drug addiction and Kartik can’t save his life. He had seen his brother death in front of his eyes and feels very helpless. He gets a big shock on that time, it’s very mixed emotions feeling anger and guilt but still Mohsin did this very difficult scene effortlessly.

Kartik feels apologetic:

Mistakes happen from all of us, but it is important that we accept those mistakes and apologize for them and this is what Karthik did. Kartik thought initially Naira was responsible for his brother’s death. Later, he realized that she was innocent s, he apologized to Naira without wasting any moment.

When Kartik lost his Princess:

When Kartik held first time his new born baby girl in his hands, his happiness was on cloud 9 but when he discovered that his baby is no more, Kartik felt himself as world’s unluckiest man. A huge applaud for Mohsin for giving such a great scene.

When Kartik felt helpless:

Kartik feels so angry, frustrated, emotional, and helpless when he knows about his Puru mama’s dirty mind set.  How his uncle was harassing  Mansi and Naira and this scene of shock was fabulously done by Mohsin.

Kartik in Dark Room:

Recently when was 5 years leap happens in the show after that Naira reaches to Goa. Kartik and rest of family thought Naira was dead, and Dadi forced Kartik to marrying with Vedika. In one scene Kartik was shown in a Dark Room and making lines on a wall as symbol of days without Naira and crying with her Photos and missing her so much. This scene was so emotional and very nicely done.

Shocked Kartik :

When pile of bricks was fall on Naira and she was hospitalized and doctor tells him that Naira’s both Kidneys are damaged. After listening to this Kartik had gone in very deep shock. He behaved like a mentally weak human for some time, and hats off to Mohsin for doing it perfectly.

So these were the top 7 heart wrenching scenes of Mohsin in YRKKH. Tell us in comment section which is your favorite scene. Keep reading such articles,  Let’s get buzzing…!!!