It’s confirm now that your favorite star Rubina Dilaik who plays the character of Saumya Singh in the popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, will no more be a part of the show. As the soap is all set to take another generation leap soon.

Actress in talk with the leading daily informed that she is not going to be a part of the show post leap. Rubina quoted I am not continuing post leap, I have no idea about the continuation of the character though. I am passing on the baton to the new generation and from there on-wards they will continue the legacy.”

 No sooner Rubina’s statement was out her fans from all over the globe showed a mixed reaction to the news. Somewhere upset that they won’t be able to see Saumya aka Rubina Dilaik on their screens while  others were happy with the news in a hope to see Rubina coming back with a bang in an another strong character.

Now as the show Shakti is all set to take another jump, there is no confirmation whether show will see new Saumya or not. But today we will highlight few reasons why none can replace Rubina Dilaik as Saumya in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki!

Top Most Reasons Why None Can Replace SAUMYA aka Rubina Dilaik in Serial Shakti!

1: Rubina Dilaik brought life to the character Saumya:

Playing the role of Trans-gender was itself challenging and the way Rubina Dilaik carried the emotion of Saumya in the show, Rubina truly made us smile and cry with her outstanding brilliant performance.

Actress was perfectly perfect as Saumya and we bet none can replace her ever in Shakti.

2: She putted her own creativity:


No doubt Rubina has given her heart and soul to the character Saumya. Rubina has already confessed- she use to improvise and sometimes put her own creativity to bring out the scene best. Amazingly, this is the reason audiences were able to connect to the character more. And without any refusal Rubina as Saumya is a true gem.

3:  Her innocence is matchless:

They way she portrayed Saumya’s innocence in the show Rubina Dilaik is unmatchable. Romantic or Emotional; Saumya melted the screen with her soulful performance.

4: Her passion for the show:

She was sick, she was injured; she was operated but actress showed her full dedication towards the show by not taking long breaks. Rubina Dilaik’s passion for the show is highly appreciable.

5: A wife and a mother like never before:

From getting a right to be Harman’s (Vivian Dsena) wife to later, becoming a mother of three children and many more; Rubina Dilaik has shown her various shades in the show being a Trans-gender. And we are very sure none can perform Saumya with ease apart from Rubina Dilaik.


These are our best reason why none can replace Rubina as Saumya in the show. Tell us what made you all to connect with Saumya in the comment section below.

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