Vikram Bhatt’s new movie trailer was released yesterday and viewers are spooked by the trailer itself. Film titled “Ghost” brings back the haunted memories of his previous films like Raaz or Haunted. Starring Sanaya Irani and Shivam Bhaargava, the trailer will run fear chilling down through spine. Though the formulas are tried and tested several times, but something different does make this trailer unique. Through few intense and scary scenes to eerie background score and terrible faces, this one’s sure going to be an absolute treat for the lovers of horror genre.



The trailer with a woman murdered by a ghost and her husband was convicted of murder. The husband role is played by Shivam Bhaargava. Sanaya Irani as a lawyer tries to free him from jail. Vikram Bhatt reportedly inspired from a newspaper article. The article reported about a British court allowed spirits to be tried for murder. 

There are many chilling moments all throughout the trailer like when the spirit moves from one body to another and the people sitting in court become scary or when a dead man tries to walk and there is sound of his broken bones. In a dialogue by lawyer played by Sanaya says, “Jhooth jhooth hota hai, phir wo kisi zinda insan ka ho ya kisi ghost ka. Hume sachai ki taqat se jhooth ka pardafash karna hi hoga.” does give a hope that in the end justice will prevail in the film but how, that will be answered on releasing date. 

Meanwhile, song “Dil maang raha mahlaut tere sath dhadkne ki…” seems soothing to ears for all romantic at heart viewers. 

Sanaya Irani does full justice to her role as a lawyer though Shivam Bhaargava looks naive in acting field. Though, this is a just trailer review so there might be chances that in the film he appear justifiable to his role.

The movie is watchable if you are a fan of horror genre and you believe in Vikram Bhatt’s mastery in his art. Releasing on 18th Ocotober this year this film looks promising on box office indeed. But how much it will, time will tell. 

We give 3.5 stars to this trailer and a big shout for Sanaya Irani. 

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