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Episode starts with Kalyani comes out of house and collides with Sunita, She sees injures on her face and body than she asks if she fine. Sunitha says I’m fine, Aaosaheb called me here. Kalyani tells her about Aaosaheb location than Sunitha goes inside after thanking Kalyani. Shoot out happens to catch Manjrekar and Malhar warns Manjrekar to surrender but Menjrekar attacks them and runs from his place. Malhar follows him. Aaosaheb can’t hear Kalyani voice in video call. Anupriya unmutes the call. Aaosaheb asks Kalyani to make her talk with employees in video call. Kalyani says you can talk with them direct right. Aaosaheb says it’s practice to talk with American clients than she assigns work to Mitali and other workers. Kalyani goes to Sunitha and asks what’s her name.

Sunitha says Sunitha. Kalyani says you can’t hide pain from me, did your husband hurted you? Sunitha says no I fell down at my work place. Kalyani notices black mark on her saree and questions her about it. Sunitha tells her it happened at her work place. Kalyani goes to get another saree to her but she gets shocked after getting phone call.

Manjrekar joins holy people group by covering his face with colour still Malhar catches him, Manjrekar frees himself and grabs a lady, puts a knife on her. Malhar warns him to leave the lady, some lady hits Manjrekar with her bike than Malhar catches Manjrekar. That lady turns to be Kalyani. Malhar asks Pawar to take Manjrekar than he asks why she is risking her life. Kalyani says you have to thank me but here you’re scolding me. Malhar thanks her than asks how she find about Manjrekar. Kalyani tells him she is ex DM and gets to know everything. Malhar asks Kalyani to rejoin in her DM post. Kalyani says still Pillu is my priority and you’re enough to take care of these goons and she gives him Tiffin box. Malhar thanks her.

Malhar goes to station and hears beating sound than he goes inside and notices some lady is beating Manjrekar, Malhar stops her by questioning who’s she. Pawar tells she is our commissioner Meenakshi. Malhar apologies to her. Gayathri asks why you stop me by beating Manjrekar. Malhar says we have to not behave like criminals. Gayathri praises Malhar for catching the culprit. Malhar gives half of credit to his wife and tells her that his wife is Ex DM. Meenakshi says I heard about Kalyani, and even she might best him like me if she is in my position. Malhar says Kalyani won’t go against law and order. Meenakshi leaves asking him to get info from Manjrekar in his way.

Pawar asks Malhar to have Tiffin. Malhar asks him to inform him when Manjrekar comes back to station. Malhar founds chit in Tiffin box that Moksh needs brother/sister so come soon to home. Malhar reaches to home than he decorates the room. Kalyani comes out from washroom and thinks who might did it. Malhar hugs her from back and both shares intimate moment than he tells her he came to fulfill her wish.

Kalyani reads letter and tells him that it’s Moksh who wrote it than she notices black mark on his hand and asks him about it. Malhar says it’s happened while catching Manjrekar and this mark is not removing. Kalyani reminsces abour mark on Sunitha saree and tells about her to Malhar than Malhar realises she is the one who gave him tip about Manjrekar. Kalyani says Sunitha deserves appreciation for her work. Malhar agrees but than he gets shocked after receiving the call.

Episode ends.