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Episode begins with gungun and moksh telling Malhar that he can go inside the room. Malhar thanks them and goes inside to see Anupriya sitting on bed with her face covered in veil. Malhar thinks it’s Kalyani and talks romantic with her. He runs his fingers on her but before he can get more close to her Anupriya removes her veil and starts jumping on the bed. Kalyani comes there and gets her down from the bed.

Malhar shouts at her and asks her to leave when she behaves stubbornly and insists on sleeping with her. Malhar holds her hand to send her out of the room when she pushes him hurting him. Kalyani shouts at her and Anupriya runs away from there and locos herself in a room, not opening it. A kerosene can falls down, she gets lighter and threatens them not to open the room. The lighter falls on the ground and starts burning. They break tge door and sabe Anupriya. Malhar promises her that from now on she can sleep with Kalyani. Sarthak and Kalyani feel bad for him. Anupriya drags her from there.

Kalyani brings juice for Malhar who is doing exercise. They look at eachother and before they can talk with eachother, Anupriya comes there and call Kalyani. Malhar leaves from there upset with her. Sarthak who is watching everything feels bad for them.

Kalyani is playing with moksh, gungun and anupriya. She is getting tired by running behind them all the time but she is still playing with them. Malhar is watching everything standing near them and feeling for her. Everyone leave from there except for kalyani when she sees a tub of hot water placed near the sofa. She looks at Malhar who is standing near the sofa and dips her legs into the water. Malhar comes to her, she forwards her hand to touch him but takes her hand back. She breaks down into tears. Malhar leaves from there disappointed.

Kalyani is playing Carom with gungun, moksh and anupriya when Malhar comes there with a bag. Sarthak gets confused. Kalyani comes to him and asks him about it but he tells her that he is leaving the house for few days. Sarthak tells him that they should stay together but Malhar denies. Kalyani tries to stop him but Malhar pleads her to let him go and leaves from there leaving Kalyani in tears. Kalyani leaves from there with others following her behind. Anupriya is about to go to her but asawri tells her and whispers something to her.

Anupriya us holding a photo in her hands asking for a friend for kalyani. She shows the photo to two men who leave from there. She sees an actor dressed in Hanuman Ji get up and pleads him. He showing her a place leaves from there. Kalyani asks gungun and moksh for Anupriya but they don’t know about her whereabouts as they have last seen her in the hall. Kalyani is scared for Anupriya. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani’s Face.