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Episode starts with Guests and their children finds Mukku and her friend behaviour weird. Sarthak tries to cover saying Mukku used to stay in Basti before we got her that’s why her language is somewhat different and he asks them to dance keeping English song. Guest kids dances happily but Mukku changes the song to Bollywood number and dances with chiklu.

Kalyani listens that song and thinks this song might be played by Mukku and I must go inside before Mukku do something wrong and she acts like dancing and throws soap water on Malhar. Malhar goes near pipe and washes his face. Kalyani thinks she can go inside. Guests and Sarthak looks at them in disbelief and Sarthak says stop the song and arrange fit cake cutting.

Malhar drenches Kalyani face with pipe water and says I know you better why you throwed soap water on me but I won’t you let enter the birthday party so enter your room through balcony.


Sarthak asks guests and their kids to join the cake cutting but they leaves saying they have work. Sarthak gets angry on Mukku. Anupriya asks him to leave Mukku saying today is her birthday. Sarthak says she insulted Me infront of guests and by tomorrow Everyone will know Sarthak daughter is an illiterate and mannerless. Anupriya says it’s not Mukku mistake and asks her to cut the cake. Mukku cuts the cake and keep cake piece aside for Kalyani. Sarthak gets angry.


Malhar says party ended si you can enter through balcony. Kalyani thinks how party ended so soon and she says she can’t enter through balcony because of her saree and wound but Malhar won’t listen to her.


Mukku shows her toes to chiklu and he asks her to give the cap her Aayi bought for her. Mukku gives that cap to Chiklu and asks him to take it. Kalyani goes through balcony and gets shocked seeing cap. Malhar to notice Chiklu wearing the cap and he takes Chiklu with him to police station saying this kid can be crane one.

Mukku asks Kalyani to stop Malhar. Kalyani assures Mukku that nothing will happen to him but why you gave that cap to him. Avni says glad they found the kid and now he deserve the punishment, why you looks tensed Kalyani? Kalyani sats I feel that kid is not culprit. Avni asks why you care for that kid. Kalyani goes to police station with Mukku in her bicycle. Avni thinks to found why Kalyani is worried.


At police station Malhar interrogates Chiklu and tries to scare him with stick and asks whether he is the one in kid showing the pic. Chiklu says I’m not that kid. Malhar asks where he get that cap and offers chocolate to him. Mukku says he will reveal the truth. Chiklu says he bought that cap for 20rs in bazar.

 Kalyani and Mukku feels relaxed. Pawar comes to room. Malhar asks him what happened. Pawar says at that incident time Chiklu is at school. Malhar gives celebration chocolate box to Chiklu and asks him to go to home.


Kalyani thinks who may asked Chiklu to lie. Anupriya says she is the one who teached him to lie if anyone questions him as their game plan. They listens to Malhar words how he is feeling bad for Ahir and Swara death. Kalyani says Malhar is blaming himself, I can’t see him in this way and wants to tell him the truth.

Anupriya asks her to think about Moksh and they sees Mukku is not with them and searches around. Mukku thanks Chiklu for his help. Chiklu days I’m going home to have ice cream because my parents bought it whenever they went to watch movie. Mukku asks why her parents won’t go. Than Kalyani comes near Mukku and gets relaxed. Anupriya feeds food to Mukku and she asks whether her parents likes to watch movies.