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Episode starts with Kalyani goes to hospital in nurse attire and plans to change reportet in computer and she changes as Sarthak is real father of Mukku but gets know reports are already printed than Kalyani takes reports in place of Malhar. Avni comes to hospital and asks what are you doing here. Avni says Tomorrow is her wedding so she have to be strong. Kalyani says all the best and tells Avni that what Malhar likes. Avni asks don’t behave like you know everything because I’m staying with him for 5 years and I know his voice. Kalyani says sorry and let’s go to home

House JD beautifully decorated. Mukku sats I’m searching for you Aifi please stop police marriage with Avni because you may get hurt. Avni gets angry. Mukku hugs Kalyani than DNA reports drops from Kalyani hand, Sarthak about to see them but Kalyani stops him. Everyone goes to their room. Kalyani sees decorations and feels hurt.

Mukku tries to close Avni mouth with Kerchief. Avni asks why she is doing. Mukku says to make her Unconscious. Avni says it will happen with chloroform Nd calls Sarthak and Anupriya and complaints about them with Sarthak saying Kalyani is doing it. Mukku sats she never jet their marriage happen. Sarthak holds Mukku hand. Kalyani asks him to leave it but Sarthak takes Mukku with him. Kalyani warns Avni to never raise her hand on Mukku.

Sarthak explain Mukku that he wants to love her because he got him after years and shows the lehenga and makeup he bought for Mukku. Mukku says I won’t wear wear this dress because I won’t like to be girl. Anupriya stops Mukku and assures that she will wear the costumes. Sarthak leaves asking Anupriya to take care of Mukku.

Mukku apologies to Anupriya and says that she don’t like lehenga and jewellery. Kalyani says no need to wear lehenga and gives cloth to Mukku, Mukku agrees to wear them and sees the dresses. Kalyani says she can’t bear it anymore because I’m forcing to live Mukku lives in lie. Anupriya says everything is fine and gets ready and don’t allow her to come to Avni room because it’s his warning.

Kalyani calls Moksh near her and says you can wear Kurta pyjama like your choice. Mukku asks if Marriage gets halted if she wears Lehenga? I’m ready to do anything to stop their marriage. Kalyani asks her to leave her trails to stop the marriage. Avni asks Kalyani to wear red saree with makeup than she won’t try to stop the marriage. Kalyani agrees. Avni thinks if Kalyani readies like Bride than Police will marry Kalyani.

Anupriya calls Aaosaheb to know where she went. Aaosaheb cuts the call saying she came to meet Vivek but she is in other place and begs unknown person to leave her.

Avni Haldi ceremony happens. Avni asks Anupriya about Kalyani. Kalyani says don’t worry, I’m here to participate. Avni sees Kalyani in red saree. Avni asks why she gets ready like bride. Kalyani won’t answer and about to apply Haldi to Avni but Mukku runs with Haldi bowl. Kalyani runs behind her to catch her and in this process Haldi applies to her face.