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Episode starts with Kalyani notices marks in her hand and tensely thinks if it’s my illusion than how these marks came in my hand. Malhar sees Kalyani is shivering and asks her what happened. Kalyani tells him about marks but Malhar can’t find it and he takes her to home. Atharv acts like crying hugging Aaosaheb. Aaosaheb throws him and saying don’t know why Sampada ran away with you.

Atharv says you can know if you’re young. Anupriya says leave from here, let us pray for Sampada peace. Atharv says stop your drama because I know you don’t care about Sampada and how you used to torture Sampada. Anupriya says you played with girls and blaming us. Atharv says you guys and Kalyani are responsible for Sampada death.

Malhar says you’re not responsible for Sampada death so don’t think about it and sleep peacefully. Kalyani wakesup because of Sampada curse dream and she goes out to get water, Kalyani finds the clock striking 12 and thinks when we came from cremation ground, it was 12 and how it can be 12 and she reminsces Pawar telling that Sampada death time is 12 and than she thinks to divert her mind but she hears crying sound and she goes in that way thinking it can be Godavari but sees Sampada Ghost (Lady) on the swing and gets shocked and runs back.

Malhar sees Kalyani and asks her what happened. Kalyani tells him that someone is on swing. Malhar asks her to show him but their is noone in swing. Malhar says you’re tensed and you need deep sleep to overcome it, he takes her to room.

Next day Aaosaheb cries for Sampada. Anupriya supports her. Aaosaheb says how is Kalyani? She may gets shocked seeing the death of Sampada. Anupriya says Kalyani can overcome it but I’m scared for Moksh thinking how to save him from Atharv. Aaosaheb says we can never let Atharv snatch Moksh from us. Atharv wakes up and notices burned saree of Sampada and he shouts asking how this saree came to his room. Aaosaheb asks how it reached to home? Sampada body reached to cremation place from Hospital. Atharv says it’s Kalyani work to scare me and he goes Kalyani room and they find it’s empty.

Aaosaheb and Atharv goes to Kitchen hearing sound and they notices Kalyanii weird act Infront of stove. Atharv records it. Aaosaheb turns off the flame and pours water on Kalyani. Kalyani gains conscious and notices she is wearing Sampada saree when she gets burned and she asks how it happened. Atharv says you lost your mind so court won’t give you Moksh custody so take back the case and he goes out. Aaosaheb asks why she bought this saree from cremation. Kalyani says she is not and cries holding her head.

Anupriya and Malhar reaches to home. Anupriya tells him that they will get Moksh custody. Sarthak comes to them.Malhar says it’s important case that’s why I want you and Sarthak Kaka to fight this case forgetting your fights.

Aaosaheb makes Kalyani sleep in the bed and tells her that she called Doctor. Atharv came to her room wearing wig and teases Kalyanii and asks Aaosaheb to call Baba not Doctor because Kalyani is mad. Aaosaheb throws Atharv out. Moksh asks what happened to his Aifi. Aaosaheb says nothing and asks him to apply balm to Kalyani. Moksh applies balm to her forehead.