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Episode begins with Indhu telling Akshay to escape from the country. He says that they won’t be able to catch him as their biggest support is suspended from his job. He leaves from there after assuring her but dashes with Malhar on the way. He somehow covers it up and leaves from there. Malhar asks indhu as to who came to meet her to which she tells him that her son came to meet her. Malhar curses as the moment is missed.

Ajinkya gets concious from his sleep. Godavari gives him tablets and helps him to sit. He looks at her gratefully and thanks her for caring for him. She apologises for not understanding him in the beginning. She tells him that they can’t be a couple but they can be froends for sure. She asks him as to why he didn’t say the truth to Malhar that he is Ajinkya to which he tells her that he was threatened to stay silent. Godavari says that they should tell this to Anupriya ahd Sarthak. They both themselves comes inside and tells them that they heard everything.

Malhar is talking on the phone about the case. Kalyani comes to him with a plate of breakfast. She tries to feed him but he denies. He asks the person on the call to inform him whenever he gets an information. Kalyani asks him to eat something as the brain doesn’t work without food in your system. Malhar asks her as to why she is not talking to Anupriya from the time they came home.

On the other side Sarthak also asks Anupriya the same. Anupriya asks as to why should she take the lead all the time and talk with her. She should try too.

Malhar asks her the reason of her behaviour with Anupriya and swears on himself.

Godavari tells to Anupriya that it’s her mistake hence she should talk. Malhar comes there and says there is no need. He tells that it’s all their plan. Anupriya asks Kalyani as to why did she tell him about their plan. Kalyani says he swore on himself. Sarthak asks about the plan and Kalyani explains about the plan. They ask her as to how did she recognise Ajinkya to which she shows a chip and says that she kept it so that she can recognise Ajinkya. She apologises to him for doing so while he excuses her. Kalyani says that now Akshay will come to them as they planned.

Akshay jumps through the window. Gungun comes there and asks him to hide somewhere as she is hiding here. He tries to escape but Anupriya sees him. Anupriya pretends like he is Ajinkya. Akshaya thanks lord. She says there is a good news for him. Malhar and Sarthak say that they will tell him the good news and drag him to the hall. He gets shocked seeing a man dressed in saree. Kalyani says thar he wants to join in their community. The person starts the ritual. She is about to put garland on him but he pushes her away. Kalyani holds his hand and assures him that it is going to be alright. He leaves from there as she suddenly gets unconscious standing on her spot. The family catch her and make her sit. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani.