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The episode begins with Kalyani waking up from her sleep and shouting to catch him before he runs away. Malhar comes there and Kalyani looks around the room. She gets confused seeing herself inna bed room. Malhar asks her to take rest and do not stress. She asks as to why he is asking her not to stress. She asks him whether they managed to catch Akshay. Malhar tries to calm her but Kalyani keeps on talking. Anupriya comes there with Aarti followed by Aausaheb with chillis in her husband who is accompanied by Godavari. Kalyani aaks them as to why did they bring them here and getting confused she demands Aausaheb and Anupriya to tell her whether they caught Akshay.

Anupriya smiles and says that she is pregnant after keeping vermilion on her forehead followed by Aausaheb who does the evil eye removing ritual with chillis. Kalyani gets surprised hearing this and keeps her hand on her stomach happily. Anupriya and Aausaheb leave from there asking her to rest. Malhar closes the door and sits on his knees before her and tells her that he is not talking to her. He keeps his hand on her stomach and says knock knock. Kalyani asks who is this to which he says he is Malhar Rane and her father. Malhar thanks her for giving him this precious gift and kisses on her cheek. He says that he is happy about the baby but is also worried.

Kalyani asks him why to which he tells her that he has to bear one more Kalyani. Kalyani asks him as to how he is soo sure that it’s a girl and he saus that his fatherly insticts. Kalyani gets up from the bed and says that she has a better plan to trap Akshay. She opens the door to tell her plan to Anupriya to which she asks as to where she is going. Malhar tells hee that he is coming to him. Kalyani saus she will just say the plan and won’t be involved. She tells her plan.

Sarthak brings sweets home. He congratulates Malhar. Malhar tells him the plan of Kalyani where she has planned to bring Ajinkya in open and say he is the only child and is a gay. This way indhu will come out in her anger.

Ajinkya agrees to the plan. He is worried for Godavari. Aausaheb assures him and saus he is their son from now on. He touches her feet.

They call the press and Ajinkya tells them the complete truth. He says that he is emotional blackmailed by his mother and how he ruined Godavari’s life. He thanks Rane family. Anupriya asks them as to how do they spare someone who ruined their daughter’s lives. The media agree and demands indhu to be in jail for life.

Panwar shows the video to indhu and leaves from there saying she has no way to get out. Indhu angrily says that she won’t do anything in her anger as they planned.

Akshay sees the messages he is getting and his phone calls. He throws the phone on the bed and saus that they wanted him to react ahd now he will react. Kalyani wiped out his existence hence he will wipe out her baby’s existence.

Kalyani enters their room to see it dark. She turns the lights on and Malhar and Anupriya surprise her by decorating the room with baby’s posters. She gets happy. They both sing a song making her sit on a chair and give her gifts. Malhar and Kalyani hug eachother happily. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani’s and Malhar’s hugging position.