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Episode begins with Kalyani feeding Anupriya who asks her as to why didn’t she cone to feed her as she was very hungry. Kalyani apologises to her and Anupriya demands icecream. Kalyani agrees making Anupriya happy. Anupriya asks about the saree that kalyani brought for her and Kalyani tells her that it’s for her making her excited and they try the saree on Anupriya who hugs her happily making her emotional.

Sarthak is drinking continuously when Aparna comes to him with gungun’s custody papers. She tells him that she will sign the papers and that way gungun will be his. Sarthak asks her as to what he has to do making her smirk.

Kalyani bring rhe saree to mihika and asks her to do the Pooja who pretends like she is angry but then laughingly takes the saree ready to do the Pooja.

In the hall Aparna asks for Anupriya and gets shocked seeing Mihika and Kalyani together ready for the Pooja. The lady from the orphanage comes there and Aparna saying that she is in right time, tells Sarthak that she wasn’t on his and Anupriya’s marriage hence she is here with a gift and gives him the mangalsutra making everyone shocked. Aparna tells gungun that if he ties mangalsutra to her rhen what will happen to her mother. Gungun saying that she will get her mother goes upstairs followed by a smirking Aparna. They stop near a door where they hear crying sound.

Aausaheb asks to give sharbat to orphanage lady and Kalyani acting like slipping drops the juice on her. Aausaheb scolds her and takes her with her to give her a new saree even after the lady denies saying they have shop.

Kalyani gestures Malhar to bring Anupriya who comes with Anupriya. Kalyani tells her that they will do Pooja together and they start the Pooja.

On the Upstairs gungun and Aparna are trying to open the door and finally the door opens. Aparna finds the room empty and sees a recorder there. She says that they have made her stupid to which gungun mocks her. She is about to slap her but she threatens her. She says till now her mother would have completed the Pooja. Aparna runs downstairs to see Sarthak’s hand on mihika. Sarthak tells her that he wasn’t scared by her threats and Kalyani asks her to have Prasad mocking her. She leaves from there in anger.

Kalyani is roaming in the room, she tells Malhar that property is not the only thing and Aparna has another motive. Kalyani leaves from there not listening to Malhar.

Mihika is pouring water in the jug when Aparna threatens her with knife. She tells her that she isn’t here to become stupid but to help her. She says that she is a flop and bankrupt actress hence she is also here for her own motive.

Kalyani searches Aparna’s room but didn’t find anything. She sees a handbag laying on the bed. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani’s Face.