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The episode begins with Malhar and Anupriya making Kalyani sit on a chair. They sing song while giving gifts to her. The whole family comes there with ice cream and Baby toys. While on the other side Akshay is hiding and planning to kill her. They keep ice cream in her lap and take all the cups without letting Kalyani take it. Kalyani acts angry ahd they feed her icecream. After their small celebration is over, Anupriya asks everyone to leave so that she can rest. Kalyani asks Malhar to bring water for her and he goes to bring water for her. Anupriya is about to leave. She sees a red light on her ahd before he shoots Anupriya comes in between. The bullets hits the cupboard. Malhar comes there and sees the bullet. They wake up Anupriya who got unconscious. They make her drink water. Kalyani is adamant to find the one attacked her but Anupriya asks her to rest asking her to think about her baby. Kalyani agrees.

Next Morning Kalyani gets ready for the Vrat but Malhar comes there and hugs her. She asks him to leave her so that she can go and do the arrangements sooner. Anupriya comes there with a milk glass and tells her there is no need for her to do the fasting and Godavari will do the work. Kalyani denies but she makes her stay in the room itself.

Malhar and the family is in the hall when indhu who got outside comes there with media and Akshay. She says she wants to talk to them. When they deny the media people force her to listen to the.. She tells them that she has done wrong and apologises to them. She tells them that she has realised her mistakes and wants to fix them. She says that she wants to get Godavari married to Akshay so that she can give her a good life. Anupriya denies. Aausaheb supports the idea to which Anupriya gets angry at her. Shilpi comes there and says she should be the one getting married to him. Indhu says that she will get her married to Akshay so that she can fix her life. Anupriya gets shocked and tries to assure her of the safety but she didn’t give heed to her.

Anupriya comes out of the house. Indhu with her son comes there and apologises to her. She asks her to trust her to which she denies. Indhu says that she is doing right by not trusting her. She tells her that her intention was to take revenge from them by hurting Godavari but shilpi came forward hence she will torture her. Kalyani throws water balls at them and shouts at them. They leave from there.

Anupriya tells Shilpi what indhu said and asks her to change her decision. Shilpi frees her hand from her denying to it. Kalyani assures Anupriya that she will make her understand. Anupriya leaves from there. Kalyani tries to say something to shilpi but Malhar calls her and asks her to drink juice then he again calls her to take rest. Kalyani warns him not to call her again. Shilpi says that she is loved by her husband to which Kalyani asks her whether she don’t deserve such a husband and asks her to change her decision. Shilpi denies. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani.