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The episode begins with Aausaheb praying to God to save Kalyani and bring her out of the jail. Sarthak comes there with a file. Aausaheb asks him to bring Kalyani home by proving her innocent. She does aarti to him and applies tika. Sarthak tells them that Kalyani will get the bail because shilpi has recorded Akshay’s confession. He assures Aausaheb and Anupriya. They pray to the God. Sarthak and Anupriya go outside after he takes blessings from Aausaheb and Ajinkya wishes him. Sarthak is about to leave but then he forgets his keys hence he asks her to bring the keys after assuring her of Kalyani getting out of the prison by cupping her face. Anupriya and the family search for the keys while Sarthak waits for them outside. They hear a blast sound and rush outside to see Sarthak on the floor injured while the fire is around him. They take him inside. He asks Godavari to bring the file but it goes missing.

In the hall they are worried as the evidence to prove Kalyani innocent is stolen. Sarthak has his forehead bandaged. Anupriya comes there wearing her lawyer coat and says that she will bring Kalyani home. All of them pray to Lord Ganesha and Anupriya leaves from there.

In the court, Anupriya meets Kalyani. Anupriya and the defense lawyer start speaking. The defense lawyer says that Kalyani has herself confessed that she has killed Akshay hence she needs to be punished. He says rhat she has a grudge against him as her sister Godavari is married to Ajinkya because of Akshay ahd she killed him to take revenge for her sister. Anupriya argues saying that she has done that in self defence and says that she wanted to save shilpi. The defense lawyer says that they have trapped indhu with wrong case and sent her to the jail but she got out in bail. Anupriya says that they have submitted the evidence against her. They both argue and Anupriya points gun at defense lawyer and behaves like she will kill him. He snatches the gun and points at her. Anupriya says that even Kalyani has done the same to save Shilpi just like he tried to save himself without even thinking about the judge before them. The judge shouts at Anupriya her behaviour but then appreciating her he gives bail to Kalyani. They feel happy. Panwar goes abd tells about it to Malhar who is eagerly waiting to hear what happened. He gets happy knowing that his wife got the bail. Anupriya calls the family and tells them about it. She tells Kalyani that she has arranged a Pooja for her.

Malhar and Sarthak decorate the house with balloons. Godavari tells them that this is ladies function and they are not needed. Anupriya comes there and asks them to leave when they argue.

Shilpi comes to Kalyani with bags in her hands. She says that she has faced problems because of her and she is leaving now. Kalyani tries to stop her. But Anupriya lets her go after taking a promise from her. The Screen Freezes..