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Episode starts with Kalyani says thanks for strong drink and she slept in bed. Malhar thinks Kalyani cant drink wine but I will found the truth for sure than he goes outside draping blanket in Kalyani than Kalyani wakesup and thanks Sampada through message. Malhar tells to Aaosaheb that Kalyani might be acting like possessed. Aaosaheb says you’re suspecting wrongly because we witnessed how Sampada is possessing her and even Pandit told the same. Malhar says Kalyanii can do anything for Moksh and I won’t let her play with her life that’s why we have to take help of fake Baba to expose her drama. Aaosaheb denies but Malhar insists her than she agrees.

Atharv gets info from someone that Malhar is suspecting Kalyani. Atharv thinks how can it happen? How Kalyani knows matters between me and Sampada? How she did it. Kalyani gets Pawar call but she keeps her phone aside seeing Malhar. Malhar checks call from Pawar and attends the call. Pawar says Baba. Malhar asks why are you revealing plan to Kalyani. Pawar gets shocked and says I called Kalyani Mam by mistake because her number is near to you.

Malhar says Kalyani can’t get to know about this plan. Pawar agrees than he checks the Kalyani phone to know if she already found their plan. Kalyani gets tensed and sends Malhar to get her water and she deletes all her convos with Sampada. Malhar thinks if Kalyani sends him out intentionally than he goes inside and gives water to Kalyani, she asks him when she gets fine and questions she did something again. Malhar says nothing and asks her to take rest than he checks her phone and thinks that today night he will found the truth.

Malhar brings fake Baba to home and he asks Aaosaheb and Sampada to bring Kalyani. Kalyani acts like possessed and tells them that she will Kalyani but they brings her to hall forcefully. Kalyani says, so this is your truth, Malhar. First, you acted of being good and now you showed your true colours and says Baba won’t be able to do anything. Malhar tells Baba that this is Sampada’s spirit that’s talking like this and he asks Baba to get rid off the spirit. Pawar calls to Sampada and Informs her that Malhar bought fake Baba to know the truth from Kalyani. Sampada says I can’t go inside and warn Kalyani but you have to warn her. Pawar agrees.

Pawar tries to warn Kalyanii but Malhar brings him to his side. Fake Baba pours Sindoor on Kalyani and she shouts and tries to escape. Malhar holds her. Anupriya reaches to home with Sarthak and asks what’s happening. Aaosaheb tells to Anupriya about Malhar suspicion and tells her how Malhar bought fake Baba but she reacting with fake Baba tricks so Kalyani is lying.

Anupriya stops Fake Baba and questions Malhar how can he bring fake Baba and won’t you trust Kalyani. Malhar asks Kalyani to tell the truth. Kalyani thinks she can’t get exposed Infront of Atharv and she shouts that I will prove that I’m possessing Kalyani, until now I played with this Baba and she tries to attack fake Baba with knife but Anupriya stops her. Fake Baba runs from that place. Atharv thinks Malhar suspicion can be right.

Kalyani thinks until now I didn’t found who’s helping Atharv and she asks if they have strength to face the truth. Malhar says I’m ready to face it so if you’re Sampada than kill me and if you can’t than agree that you’re Kalyani. Kalyani says this Kalyani snatched everything from me so today she will lose her life and she slits her hand to prove everyone that Sampada is possessing her. Everyone gets shocked.