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Episode begins with Sarthak looking at his daughter’s pic then hugging it to his heart. He cries hugging it when Anupriya comes to him and asks him the reason for his tears. He tells her that the girl in the pic is their daughter. Anupriya laughs and cries like mad with happiness but she faints falling on his chest. Sarthak panics and calls her out, wakes up calling her name out loud from his sleep and sees that was all a dream. Anupriya gets tensed while he lies to her that it was a dream and sleeps. He takes the scetch in his hand and apologises to Anupriya.

Uttarakanksha is mixing medicine in Moksh’s milk. Gungun watches everything hiding behind a tree and wonders about it. Kalyani who is bringing milk for him gets a call who tells her that they didn’t get the girl. Kalyani tells the person that he is her hope. Then cutting the call goes to Moksh’s room. Uttarakanksha makes the bells sound which again hypnotise moksh and he gets tensed. She asks Kalyani to leave. She is about to leave but Malhar comes there and tells her that Kalyani will not go anywhere. Uttarakanksha is about to leave as all she wants is moksh to drink the medicine. Gungun who sees he is about to drink, throws a stone at him making the glass break. Uttarakanksha leaves from there disappointed. Moksh tells her that gungun has done this but she won’t believe him. Kalyani tells him that she believes him and hugs him. Kalyani asks him to help her and asks him what gungun likes the most. He tells her that she likes money the most as she wants to run away from there. Kalyani wonders.

Asawari is drying the papad on the terrace. Kalyani goes there with a blanket. Asawari taunts her that she is here to dry the blanket which is not yet washed. Kalyani asks her to mind her own business and then taunting her asks her to help. When they keep the blanket on the railing, Money falls from the blanket. Asawari looks on shocked.

Gungun who is sitting on the tree asking God to help her sees this and runs to take the money. She manages to hide from Kalyani but not asawari. She takes the notes. Kalyani goes down to see anupriya lifting it who scolds her for her careless behaviour. Gungun slaps on anupriya’s hand then taking a role runs away, Kalyani follows her. Malhar and Anupriya does to. Gungun stands near a door but asawri drags her inside and threatens her that she will hurt her more if she doesn’t do what she asks. Kalyani asks Malhar to break the door, they see gungun inside who is covered with coal as asawari did that. She faints in Anupriya’s arms, they take her inside. Anupriya is sitting near her when she sees her opening her eyes, calls out for Kalyani.

Asawari is roaming in the garden with a smirk when moksh comes there and tells her that he will tell everyone that gungun is not dark. Uttarakanksha comes there and makes him fall. He tells her that he will tell his Mother that both of them are bad and about to leave but uttarakanksha hypnotisea him again. The Screen Freezes On Moksh’s Face.