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Episode starts with Mukku tries hard to take iron box. Avni leaves from that place and takes clothes in bucket. Sarthak asks why she is doing work when they have workers. Avni says Kalyani gave holiday to all workers and asks everyone to do their work. Sarthak says now understand why Mukku behaved it in that way, don’t know what she wants from my daughter.

  Avni says where is Mukku? Today Malhar gave so much ironing work to Kalyani, hope she won’t vent her frustration on Mukku. Mukku shouts Aifi. Anupriya sees Kalyani got hurt and asks whether it’s deep. Kalyani says it’s normal. Anupriya gets first aid box. Mukku cleans her wound and bandaids it.


Sarthak goes to room and sees Ironing box and asks what happened. Mukku says she was just helping her Aifi. Sarthak says Shame on you Kalyani for venting your frustration on Mukku by asking her to iron clothes. Kalyani says he is misunderstanding. Mukku about to explain but Sarthak stops her and says that he will take Mukku away from house.  Kalyani asks why he always wants to take Mukku from this place, don’t you see how it’s making her upset. Sarthak questions than why she is giving hard works to his daughter

. Anupriya says Kalyani can never do it. Sarthak asks won’t she gets scared of her husband. Anupriya says my Daughter learned me to live without fear and you can’t wrongly blame everything on Kalyani and I too care for Mukku and Mukku loves Kalyani. Sarthak says Kalyani is using that love so I will take her away.

Avni says Aifi is my Aayi and she asks Kalyani to tell the truth. Malhar asks what truth Mukku is talking. Mukku says I want to live with Aifi and even she about to tell more Mrs Desai comes to party with her son and gives gift to Mukku. Sarthak asks Anupriya to get them snacks.


Kalyani takes Mukku inside and explains thru will be out from game if he reveals truth. Mukku sats what if Bade Dad takes me far from you. Kalyani promises she won’t let it happen. Moksh sats today might be Mukku Birthday but I’m Moksh. Kalyani says you will celebrate your birthday twice in a year.

 Avni tries to take Mukku with her to get her ready. Kalyani sats she is already ready with the clothes I bought for her. Sarthak says he will make her wear his choice clothes and asks Avni to take her. Avni forcefully drag her. Kalyani gets tensed. Anupriya signs she will handle it. Sarthak complains to Malhar about Kalyani. Malhar takes Kalyani with him saying he won’t let her enter the party.


Anupriya knocks door saying she will change clothes but Avni won’t open the door saying she will make Mukku get ready according to Sarthak orders. Avni places safety pins in Mukku dress so she can get hurted. Mukku denies to wear the clothes and calls Aifi and Anupriya.

Avni says don’t shout I will go to washroom and come so don’t shout. Avni goes to washroom to check whether safety pins are visible from outside. Sarthak asks Anupriya to handle the guests saying Avni will make Mukku ready.


Malhar asks Kalyani to clean his vehicle like Swara used to clean Vivek car. Kalyani agrees.  Avni comes out and notices Mukku is cutting her clothes with scissors. Mukku says she won’t stop it until she agrees with her and says only Kalyani or Anupriya can change her clothes. Avni agrees and opens the door. Mukku says if you’re villian than I’m hero and I wear this dress in engagement party.


Sarthak says Mukku will come in a while. Anupriya sees Mukku and asks how she came out. Mukku explains what she did it and asks about Kalyani. Anupriya says you did wrong with Avni, Kalyani went to hospital and she will join you in the evening.

Sarthak gets shocked seeing Mukku in sane clothes and questions where is his dress. Anupriya says don’t say anything Infront of relatives. Sarthak takes Mukku with him and introduces guests but she talks in her basti language. Mukku sees her fried Chintu and goes with him happily.  Sarthak tries to cover it but he gets angry seeing Chintu from Basti.

Sarthak asks Anupriya to send Chintu from home. Anupriya says it won’t good if we ask him to leave at this time. Kalyani cleans the vehicle and about to go inside to get Newspaper. Malhar stops her saying I’m not fool, why you’re behind Mukku? And why you’re trying to fill her heart with bad things and Im searching for my Moksh and I will make Moksh away from you once I found him. Kalyani thinks I wish to tell Moksh is near us.