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Episode starts with Anupriya and Kalyani performs Aarti to Devi Maa. Kalyani sees Malhar and asks him to take leave for today for rest saying he didn’t went to his home for last two days while searching for Moksh and says she can search Moksh alone.

Malhar says we didn’t know Moksh condition and I’m his Dad than how can I take leave. Kalyani asks him to think about his wife Avni. Avni comes to Kalyani place asks won’t you get tired while acting like good person? You’re trying to get his attention with your fake tears. Anupriya asks what’s she saying but Avni asks her to shut up.

 Malhar stops Avni and says she don’t have any right to talk with Kalyani and her Aayi in this way. Sarthak says Avni is trying to stop her husband from getting trapped in other woman, what’s wrong in it. Kalyani says I told you 1000 times , I never snatch Malhar from Avni. Avni asks her why she is after the married man and asks her to search other married man’s in their city.

Malhar gets angry and is about to raise his hand on Avni, but Kalyani stops him. Malhar warns Avni to never talk with Kalyani in this way. Sarthak tries to stop him but Malhar asks him to stay away and says Avni must know the fact that Kalyani have special place in my life and she is mom of my son and without Kalyani I can’t even know that my Moksh is alive Nd he about to reveal he is married to Avni but gets stopped. Avni gets tensed and leaves from that place. Kalyani takes Malhar with her to room. Sarthak goes behind Avni.


Kalyani says our room is changed so much and in the same way our relation too changed and I’m your past and your present is Avni and her baby so please stay away from me and Moksh is the only connection left between us and their is no relation. Malhar gets tears and leaves from that place while reminscing their past moments. Kalyani too cries.


Aparna takes Mukku to school. Mukku denies to go to school and says she will do all household works. Aparna shuts her saying you have to go to school otherwise I will beat you. Mukku runs away and hides in kitchen. Aparna asks lady about Mukku. Lady sign Mukku location. Aparna asks Mukku to come with her.

 Mukku says she can’t study because she is scared if teacher. Lady says you will become cook like me if you can’t study. Mukku says she will work with that lady in kitchen. Aparna agrees and asks her to won’t go anywhere and leaves. Mukku helps to peel vegetables.


Kalyani enquires principal about Moksh. Principal says that kid didn’t joined in their school. Lady asks Mukku to cut Tomatoes and goes out. Mukku misses Kalyani. Principal asks Kalyani to check their school. Aparna sees Kalyani at school and thinks Kalyani may snatch Mukku from me if she knows Mukku is not studying and I can’t let it happen. Aparna closes Kitchen door.

 Mukku sees cockroach near her and gets scare and goes back which makes oil tins fell down on her. Mukku lost her conscious and oil leaks from boxes. Kalyani asks what’s that room. Principal days it’s kitchen, daily it’s used to be open but don’t know why it’s closed. Kalyani opens the door and gets shocked seeing oil is going near Fire. principal calls their workers.

 Kalyani says what happened Mukku? And than she pours water in the fire and than she asks Mukku to wake-up and questions principal who’s responsible if Mukku strucked in fire and than she sees Mukku clothes damped in oil and she notices surgery marks in Mukku stomach and thinks how it happened. Aparna comes inside saying Mukku and takes her in her lap. Kalyani asks about Mukku about.

Aparna says these are marks of 2years back accident. Mukku says Good wala Aunty. Kalyani takes Mukku near her and assures her that she is with her and asks her to won’t get scared because of small incidents because we are strong but how it happened. Mukku says something fell on me and I didn’t remember what happens next. Kalyani thinks Mukku is girl and she can’t become my Moksh.