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Episode starts with Kalyani makes Malhar sit on big pouch bag and tries to take him inside. Trilok man stops her. Kalyani says these are my things because I came here to stay so I bought many things if you doubt me check it, I will complain to Trilok. That man apologies and asks her to go inside. Kalyani takes him inside and opens the bag and she asks him to reduce his weight. Malhar asks her to take care of Suhana and goes to check the house. Kalyani asks what about CCTV. Malhar says it’s off.

Kalyani asks Suhana what did you draw. Suhana shows the drawing. Kalyani notices dark room drawing and she asks Suhana to tell her about that dark room. Suhana shows key. Kalyani asks about the key. Suhana signs us key of dark room. Kalyani asks location of the room. Suhana signs it’s behind the house. Kalyani goes to search it.

Trilok says I know our servant Pooja is with you so please tell me where is she. Rao won’t answer him. Trilok gets angry. Kalyani reaches near the room and inside the room someone is ties to chair with chains. Kalyani about to open the room but gets stopped seeing Trilok behind her. Trilok says when you came here and what are you doing at this room. Kalyani says she wants to see the room of Suhana drawings. Trilok says it’s not needed for you to roam around my house. Malhar makes him unconscious. Malhar puts the key but notices door is already opened and goes to check it.

Swara says it’s good if Malhar and Kalyani participate in this competition. Aaosaheb on phone says it’s good if we cancel this competition for everyone safety. Anupriya asks her to not cancel the competition because Malhar and Kalyani will participate in it. Sarthak says he will take care of safety measures. Aaosaheb informs to the DM that they can conduct the competition.

Malhar and Kalyani notices Pooja inside the room and Malhar asks what are you doing here, did Trilok locked you here. Pooja says Trilok don’t know anything and she hides here to save herself from police with help of duplicate key. Kalyani says it’s half truth. Malhar says truth will be out if we take her to Police station. Malhar asks Pawar to bring lady constable. Kalyani asks what about Trilok. Malhar makes Kalyani pack Trilok inside the pouch bag. Caretaker man asks what are you doing here and than he open the bag and notices Trilok in it, he aims gun at Kalyani but Malhar hits him from behind and makes him unconscious and says this is the difference between Aurangabad cat and Tiger.

Pallavi says to get more money from masks. Aaosaheb says its not good to make money when others facing touch situation. Sarthak says Ration reached to workers but I don’t know what are Kalyani and Malhar doing with Trilok. Aaosaheb says she even didn’t get up.

Trilok wakes up and asks how I reached to here. Kalyani says you’re unconscious because you’re not having food properly so I’m gonna stay here to take care of your health until the operation is done. Malhar says I got someone in your house and he sends Suhana to have custard. Trilok asks whom you got. Malhar says Pooja.