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Episode starts with Atharv says your Aayi is mad and what will you do if she slaps you. Kskysni enters saying stop polluting children heart and she hugs Moksh and apologies to him for her behaviour at police station and takes him to her room. Kalyani wakes up in middle of night and sees her leg is tied up, she thinks to won’t disturb Pillu and Malhar, She follows the rope and sees that the other end is tied up with a lady’s leg. She gets scared seeing Sampada Kheer.

Kalyani runs out and informs to Anupriya that she saw the Sampada in a room. Anupriya says it’s your illusion and she takes her to that room. Kalyani tells to Anupriya that Sampada is gone but believe me I saw Sampada when she is having Kheer and even tied up rope from my leg is missing. Anupriya gets tensed and goes out of the room with Kalyani.

Anupriya meets Pandit and says I won’t believe these souls but fear in Kalyani eyes are real plus Kheer bowl is empty. Pandit says their is danger for Kalyani life , I will give Raksha so make her wear it so soul can’t go near her. Malhar asks Kalyani to have medicines. Kalyanii takes medicine and asks him to trust her that she saw Sampada last night. Moksh comes to them and happily hugs Kalyani and asks when they are planning to fulfill his wish to have sister or brother. Malhar asks him to ask Bappa.

Atharv asks Aaosaheb to read the letter he got in post. Aaosaheb tells him that his past cases are reopening. Atharv gets shocked saying how can it happen. Sarthak and Anupriya says it’s happening and we may get proofs against you. Atharv leaves saying they won’t get anything. Aaosaheb asks if they get proof. Anupriya says he us scared and in this fear she may do some wrong things and I won’t let him snach our Moksh.

Anupriya slowly goes to Kalyani while thinking about Pandit words and asks how’s she. Kalyani sats I’m fine but scared thinking about Atharv. Anupriya says we will take care of Atharv. Malhar calls Kalyani to room and tells her that he removed all Sampada sarees and shows him the new sarees he bought for her. Kalyani hugs him saying she needs him near her not any gifts. Malhar hugs her saying same goes with him than he gets call from Pawar and goes to station. Soul again enters to Kalyani.

Anupriya asks Pandit to send Kavach for Kalyani and prays to Bappa for Kalyani safety. Moksh asks Kalyani to play cartoon in her phone. Possessed Kalyani says we have to arrange surprise birthday party for someone. Moksh asks whose birthday. Kalyani says you will know in the evening. At evening Godavari asks whose birthday she gonna celebrate. Kalyani asks her to remember. Godavari goes to Anupriya and tells her that Kalyani is arranging for someone’s birthday in outhouse and they sends Malhar to Kalyani saying maybe it’s fir him.

Malhar goes to outhouse and sees how Kalyani getting romantic with Atharv. Atharv says it’s your plan right. Possessed Kalyani says you’re doubting me right? I will give you Moksh as gift to you snatching him from Malhar. Malhar enters room saying Kalyani. Atharv says it’s your wife who’s doing everything not me. Malhar asks what happened to her. Possessed Kalyani says it’s true that I love only Atharv not you. Anupriya tries to stop Kalyani. Kalyani says don’t support Malhar Maayi, he didn’t even remember my birthday and she shouts at Aaosaheb for getting her married to Malhar.