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Episode begins with Anupriya telling Kalyani that she has asked her to come to show something. Kalyani asks her to tell the reason for her call when she gets excited seeing moksh. She hugs moksh, Malhar tells her thar he brought him for Godavari’s marriage. Moksh asks her for a sister or brother. Kalyani and Anupriya open their mouths. He says Malhar told him to ask. Kalyani chases Malhar to heat him for teaching her son such things.

The family doing the engagement preparations on full swing. Godavari is not liking any of the jewelry sets shown to her. Aausaheb is asking her to buy them but she wants modern one. Even Anupriya is not able to help it. They call Kalyani who says that for now let Godavari wear her choice and for marriage she will wear Aausaheb’s preferred jewelry. They agrees.

Anupriya and Kalyani along with the family is in hall talking over things when moksh ajr gungun come there shouting that they won’t travel in that old jeep. Malhar comes there and asks whether they know how much a car costs. Moksh says it doesn’t matter how expensive it is but they should buy a new one. Everyone leave from there leaving Kalyani and Malhar alone. Kalyani keeps her hand on his shoulder and says thar what their kids are saying is true after all his jeep is very old one. Malhar says she is the one who is spoiling their son. Kalyani tells him not to say a word against her son. Kalyani request him to buy a new car and he agrees. Kalyani kisses him. Malhar gets a call from someone who asks him to come fast. Malhar sayibg it’s a drug deal leaves ftom there.

A man comes and asks Kalyani to chose a car. Kalyani thinking it’s Malhar asks children to chose the car. They chose a car. Kalyani asks the man to leave after shouting at the kids for talking in middle. Anupriya looks at the scene.

The engagement ceremony starts and both exchange rings. Malhar gets a pouch and he opens it to see a car key. They see a note inside where it says it is sent by Anupriya. Kalyani hugs Anupriya. Indhu appreciates them.

Kalyani and everyone get happy looking at the car. Both the children argue on who would sit on the first seat and moksh wins the race. He snatches the key from Malhar and presses a button because of which the bonnet of the car opens and indhu shouts. They get shocked seeing sunitha’s corpse with money. Indhu leaves from there breaking the engagement.

Constable tells Malhar that the car is on Anupriya’s name and the man they are searching is not actually there. Malhar says they are successful in trapping Anupriya. He asks them to arrest her. Kalyani cries while Malhar holds her. Sarthak promises Anupriya to bring her out.

Everyone is sitting in Aausaheb’s house where Sarthak says that it’s holiday hence they will have to wait for bail. And there are less chances of getting a bail. Kalyani argues. Malhar tries to make her understand. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani’s and Anupriya’s face.