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Episode starts with Malhar and Kalyani gains conscious and asks what happened to them. Aaosaheb tells them how Godavari mixed sleeping pills in their juice according to Atharv suggestions. Both gets shocked. Kalyani says so Godavari is helping Atharv and she is the one me and Sampada are searching. Malhar says Sampada? Aao Saheb tells Kalyani that Godavari has told us everything now you should also tell the truth to Malhar and It’s time to reveal the secret of Sampada death drama. Malhar looks on in a shock and asks whats happening. Kalyani tells him everything. Malhar sits in a shock. Kalyani apologies to him for hiding this truth and tells him that she did everything for Moksh.

Malhar says so my suspicion is true. Kalyani says it’s true but we planned it to save Moksh from Atharv. Malhar asks where is Sampada. Aaosaheb says Anupriya took Sampada with her. Kalyani says please don’t get angry at me. Malhar says I’m angry because you hided everything from me but Im proud of you that you handled everything alone for Moksh. Kalyani hugs him. Malhar asks how Sampada helped her. Kalyani says Sampada is Mom to Moksh that’s why helped me. Malhar asks where is Moksh. Everyone worriedly searches for Moksh and they gets shocked seeing the doll dumped in blood and where they get Atharv letter to bring Sampada to Shiv Mandir to save Moksh life.

Anupriya tells to Sampada to leave to Mumbai where my friend help you. Sampada agrees than Aaosaheb calls Anupriya and informs her everything than both leaves to Shiv Mandir. Moksh gets scared and request Atharv to leave him. Atharv says your mom and Dad must be worried to death. Everyone reaches near temple and they feels worried for Moksh than Atharv reaches to them in Van. Malhar and Kalyani beats him and asks where is Moksh. Atharv asks them to check the WhatsApp group message. Everyone gets shocked seeing Moksh tied up with bomb in van. Malhar about to go near van but Atharv scares him telling he will blast the bomb if anyone goes near it. Everyone begs him to leave Moksh.

Atharv asks Kalyani and Sampada to go inside circle to Moksh, they goes according his saying. Moksh shouts for help. Atharv hits fire arrow at circle which makes Sampada and Kalyani gets strucked between fire circles. Anupriya begs Atharv to leave them taking her life. Atharv smiles saying he don’t need her life than he throws gun at Sampada and asks her to shoot Kalyani to save Moksh. Everyone gets shocked. Kalyani asks Sampada to do like Atharv said. Sampada takes gun. Kalyani insists her than Sampada fires at Atharv arm.

Anupriya saves Moksh by removing the bomb jacket when Malhar handles Atharv. Kalyani and Sampada comes out from fire circles. Atharv over powers Malhar and fires gun at Kalyani but Sampada comes in between than bullet hits her stomach. Malhar hits Atharv and makes him unconscious. Kalyani asks Malhar to call Ambulance. Kalyani tells to Moksh that Sampada is his real mom and asks him to call her Aayi. Moksh calls her Aayi which makes Sampada happy and she leaves her last breath in Kalyani lap. Everyone cries for her.

Episode ends.