Sourabh Raaj Jain name doesn’t need an introduction because he has made his name through his work. The actor’s name is enough for his recognition as one of the superstars of small screen. Sourabh is guilty for stealing hearts with his charming smile and handsome looks. But he can also be seen to be the emotional support during odd times for many people. So what does this makes him – A culprit for stealing heart or healer of emotional wounds? 

Let’s take a look:-

Heart Stealer:


Sourabh knows it very well that how to make his audiences go crazy. He first made a good guy impression as Anand in Colors TV’s Parichay and set an example of an ideal guy. Thereafter, his spoilt brat image as Yuvraj in Colors TV’s Uttaran has spoiled girls who have already lost their hearts to hot headed yet super cool Prince Charming. While Sourabh’s blue eyed character Jalandhar in Mahakaali drowns his admirers in Blue Ocean of his eyes. On the other hand his king avatar Dhananand in Chandragupta Maurya didn’t think twice before brutality snatch his fans’ heart away. 

Heart Healer: 

When it comes to the times when we go through rough days we look forward to that one person who could guide us in odds. Sourabh is one of those celebrities who inspire others not only through the characters he play but also as a common human being. The actor got huge recognition for his portrayal as Krishna. But along side he also made a positive impact on viewers with Krishna Seekh. Even today whenever people feel low they don’t forget to listen to Sourabh’s Krishna Seekh to calm the anxiety and guide the inner peace. Not only this, his portrayal as Lord Shiva has also brought women’s courage and strength to the society with the message “Stri abla nahin hoti”. Apart from this Sourabh usually keeps on motivating his fans to contribute in saving nature and making the society a better living place for everyone.

It is quite tough to say whether he is a heart stealer or a heart healer. But one thing is sure that the actor is worth loving. And on his special day which is his birthday, we wish him success and prosperity in the upcoming years. Sourabh!! Tum Jio Hazaron Saal!!

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