Celebrity astrologer, numerologist, and tarot card reader Tushar Apte predicts the futures of our favorite TV actors.
Arjun Bijlani: In the year 2020, Arjun will earn a lot of money through his career and there will be a lot of good opportunities coming his way. He needs to take care of his health and as far his career is concerned, he will get a new project in 2020. In his personal life, he needs to be careful while interacting with his family.  
Aniruddh Dave: The career of Aniruddh Dave will be rewarding this year. He needs to be focused more on his interest, whatever his passion is in his career. He has to be focused on his goals. This is the year of wish fulfillment for Aniruddh. There will be a big celebration in the family and everyone will be in good health.  He also might get some share of the property from his family and ancestors. There will be some disturbance in the family but if he takes a proper note of it, this can be avoided.
Mrunal Jain: This year there will be some important breakthroughs for Mrunal Jain in his career. Travelling is also on the cards for him this year.  It will be the year of transformation for him. As far as his personal life is concerned, he needs to be more communicative about his feeling and needs to be more expressive towards people who matter and helped him in tough times. In 2020, he will be getting more opportunities to go on family trips too. 
Sharad Malhotra: There will be a lot of challenges this year for Sharad but he can move ahead in life with the help of his actor friends and his strong networking skills. He needs to have a lifestyle set in the year 2020. In his personal life, he will face certain odds and he will face some opposition this year. He needs to be more attached to his family members and be more caring towards them.
Karuna Pandey: There will be a lot of growth in Karuna’s career thanks to the efforts that she has made this past year. efforts which she has made and will now be rewarded this year. She will get a lot of fame because of the past efforts which she has put in. She will find new projects in 2020. As far as family life is concerned, she was a bit detached from her family. This year, she will seek out all her differences with her family and will share a good bond with them. And there will be a certain celebration happening in the family which will bring a lot of joy to her and as well as her family. Whatever her dreams are, it will be supported by her family.
Himanshu Malhotra:  Himanshu will face some obstacles in his career and he needs to focus on the brighter side of his life. As far as his career is concerned, he needs to keep a check on his choices.  He needs to make more efforts in 2020 than in 2019. It is a bit of a hard-working year for him. The year 2020 will have a lot of happy moments. However, there will be a certain struggle in his family. So he needs to guard against negative influences and protect his family. 
Malhar Pandya: It will be the best year for Malhar Pandya as far his acting career is concerned. He will get a lot of opportunities this year and he will get a lot of financial success through his acting career. He also needs to go out of his comfort zone in order to grab a good opportunity. Where his personal life is concerned, he might have to be away from his family in the year 2020 due to his work and he might not able to spend much time with his family. He will focus more on his career than his family. His family life will be a little less exciting and he needs to plan more surprises for his family in 2020.
Vijayendra Kumeria: In the year 2020, there will be a lot of changes; positive as well as negative. This year he needs a mentor to succeed. He has huge potential as an actor. As per his personal life is concerned, he should stop taking quick decisions in 2020. These can spoil the happiness of his family members and he should care more for his family.
Rohitashv Gour: There will be a lot of new opportunities coming Rohitashv’s way. He needs to be focused on his career and explore. This year, hard work can take him to different heights. He has the potential to make it big in films.