Arun Mandola: As an Actor, I want to change my physical appearance because, for many years, I was not focusing on my fitness. I was not grooming myself. So now, I will focus more and more on my physical appearance and fitness.


Rakhi Vijan: One thing I would love to change about myself is my binging habit on Saturdays and Sundays. I am very scheduled from Monday to Friday. There is a mental imbalance that happened to me on Saturday and Sunday. I wonder why do I trouble my body so much, why do I eat right all the time except the weekends, by the time Monday comes I have messed it up completely. So, this is the one thing that I want to change in myself. I want to be scheduled and eat right on even Saturdays and Sundays.


Mreenal Deshraj: I think I need to make it a habit of reading a book every day, at least a few pages of it. This is one good habit that I want to adapt to in my lifestyle.

The more you read the more things, you will know that it trains your imagination to think big.


Aastha Chaudhary: One thing which I want to change is my sleeping pattern. I want to sleep on the bed at the right time and want to wake up early in the mornings at the right time and want to healthy. My sleeping schedule is completely messed up. I want to change that because it is not healthy or we cannot do good for the body.


Sanjay Gandhi:  I want to kill my short temper and my laziness. The solution for all this is to focus on my work because if you will focus on work, only then the world will focus on you.


Rehaan Roy: Every year brings something new to our lives. In 2020, I want to change quite a lot of things in me. Amongst them, the most important change is my habit of wasting a lot of my time on the phone. I feel I use a lot of my time on mobile phones. I want to change this. Instead of wasting time on the phone, I want to utilize that time doing some creative work.


Shivin Narang: Well, I want to bring more discipline in my work, in schedule and myself. My sleeping habits are not very good. In 2020, I want to make them better. I would like to wake up early in the morning, start reading and meditating.


Ankit Siwach: I want to live like how people live in the 90s in 2020. I think the phone and internet have taken away a lot from me, I remember almost all my life in the 90s but not much of it from the last decade. I will try to stay connected to the world in reality rather than on the internet.


Shashank Vyas: I will try to be more visible and be more on the working side of things. I will also try not to take too much gap between my work. I want to take up some really good projects next year.


 Ansh Bagri:  I would like to try and change one thing. I am very emotional and at times I lose my temper. I always see what is right and what is wrong and I don’t see the practical things. But in life, you have to be a little practical too and sometimes not let your emotions come in the way of your decisions.


Mrunal Jain: One thing that I want to change is that I want to balance my professional and personal life. I have been able to give more time to my work and not to my personal life and my family. I want to change that in 2020.