Hitesh Bhardwaj

My fondest childhood memories are from the time I was 10 or 11 years old. I remember when my mother, after completing all her house chores, would take an afternoon nap. Then around 4 pm, I would go to the kitchen, make tea for her and wake her up. I did that thinking how she would wake me up and make tea for me in the morning. I just wanted to make her feel good. If I became a kid again I would like to relive these memories because those 10 to 15 minutes with her were the most cherished moments of my life. And I miss her now as I stay away from her!


Sheena Bajaj

The fondest memory from my childhood is working with great actors and learning from them. I have been working since I was a kid and it makes me feel amazing. The best part of growing up was working with actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and  working under the Bhatt banner. I would love to enjoy the freedom without thinking about anything or anyone which existed in childhood. . It gives me immense peace when I do a good job. So yes, I would love to go back to enjoy the state of mind of a child and freedom.


Gunjan Utreja

As a kid I remember, we used to go for picnics with family. My mother would cook amazing food and we would sing, run around and play hide & seek. The best part is we didn’t have phones and tablets back then. The personal interactions then were truly amazing.


Vahbiz Dorabjee – The best part of y childhood are school days, I had American syllabus in my school and it was kind of picnic because we had lockers, no examination until 8th grade so yes I would like to go back to school with the same friends. I was an athlete loved playing basket ball so would want those days back as those were the golden days of my life.


Himmanshoo Malhotraa

The best part of childhood days have to be school days. I remember the first time I was requested by a friend to take part in mono acting competition and I enacted Nana Patekar and also won the first price. So this was the turning point in life and it provoked me to become an actor. I had the experience and I tasted fame and that in turn induced me more fame. Those were beautiful memories when I used to act like Nana Patekar and girls would get crazy and teachers were fond of me as I was good in studies and also mischievous, they were always proud of me. Those are the memories you relate to and it would always be good time of your life. I would definitely like to bunk school because I never got a chance, because all my colleagues tell me that they you to bunk and go watch movies. So I would like to this saying my mother that I am going to school and bunk and go watch movies.


Priyal Gor

Childhood was always great fun. I remember eating lot of choco-bar in my childhood. I was fascinated with Ice-creams and every Sunday ritual was eating ice cream. Every week I used to try new flavours besides eating regular choco-bar. Those days were carefree and there was no worry of putting on weight. I was very pampered child. I also remember on children days I used to get lot of gifts from parents as well as school teachers especially chocolates.


Mrunal Jain

I was most pampered child. My father loved me more than himself and everything I asked for was given to me.

The best part of the childhood was my father used to take me out to play football. He was very encouraging for sports and always say do well in sports and fitness and I did and it worked in my favour. My father was my role model and is still is and I still like to depend on him in so many ways. He is the motivating factor of my life.


Rashami Desai

I was very pampered by my mother. I used to dance a lot on Madhuri dixit songs. Dancing was a great fun. I remember eating lot of chocolates. Everyone used to gift me chocolates. On children’s day I used to go out with parents for shopping. I used to eat candy floss and buy a new dress too. Those carefree days can never come again.


Sudeepaa Singh

I come from a spiritual family called nirankaris… so since my childhood I had this great impact of spirituality on me and I guess it helped me a lot to become a better person now.. I was the naughtiest and super hyper kid. I was always the topper in my school and college and there was no activity where I didn’t participate.. Infact I was quite famous in my hometown!! I feel blessed to be born in a city like Amritsar.. we had the facility to play outdoor games and had genuine friends. I still go back to my hometown to re-live those memories.


Sumit Kaul

My fondest childhood memories are those of travelling to Kashmir in our summer vacations where I would spend almost 2 months with my cousins and be pampered by my grand parents. It was a complete rejuvenation for me mentally and emotionally. I don’t look back in life ever. I don’t have regrets. Everything that happened in life has shaped me to be who I am. So I wouldn’t change anything. I prefer being in the present and trying to live it fully.