TV  businessmen are strong, opinionated and rude most of time. Then a sweet girl enters in their life and everything around them changes. They feel a pumping organ on left side of their perfect torso. They smile, they connect and sometimes they cry for their love. Just ShowBiz brings you some men from this fiction world which will make your heart skip a beat by the way their heart beats.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi

Shivay is ruthless, deal cracker successful business tycoon who admits that richness and blood maketh a person in Ishqbaaaz. He smiles with his brothers but have no respect for people of limited means. With a girl in his life he smiles, mellows down and become sympathetic. Though Shivay is still in process of becoming human but sometimes he has those teary eyes for his lady love. Awwww!! moment for all the loyal viewers.  Nakuul Mehta as Shivay has made every expression so immaculate that you feel what Shivay feels.

Dev Dixit

Dev Dixit of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is the most human business tycoon of TV till date and that is why he is different than any other businessman of TV. He was generous, smiling, happy and a helping boss. Dev has just one vulnerability, his excessive faith on his mother as a GOD which becomes the reason for a crack in Dev’s married life. After divorce Dev chooses to be aloof even to his mother and cry when past reminiscences hit him. You will feel like either giving cry shoulders to this man or just want to hug him. Shaheer Sheikh playing Dev is bang on with his expressions. His eyes speaks everything what Dev couldn’t.

Raman Bhalla

There is no flaw which Raman Bhalla in Ye hai Mohabbatein don’t have. He is angry young man, uncaring, drunkard and shrewd business man. Only thing which go in favour for him is that he is over possessive for his kids. Later after marriage audience witnessed a gradual growth of Raman to a loving husband and caring father. However, the character has its own ups and downs but when Raman gets emotional, you feel like crying too. Karan Patel as Raman has nailed it.