Gulfam Khan: The best part of my childhood is that I never needed to call friends before dropping in to their places. And if they were not there, it was okay because their family was like our family. The most memorable time were the ones I spent with my brother. He is only a few years younger than me but we were best friends. If I become a kid again, I would like to do the same things I did, because I had the perfect childhood!

Aishwarya Sakhuja : The best part of my childhood has to be the time I spent with my grandmother at her house in Delhi. The kind of love I got from her, I don’t think anybody can match up to that. My fondest memory as a kid is of the kind of unconditional love that I received from her. If I become a kid all over again, I would like to live my life exactly the same way I have lived. Be the same bratty child, born to the same parents and be the same granddaughter to my grandmother and be welcomed into a house every time I had an off or I had a vacation. I remember the smell of the parathas my grandmother would cook when every time I entered the house.

Ssharaad Malhotraa : The best part of childhood days were my summer vacations because that was the time when I never had to worry about anything. No studies, exams or assignments. I would play with my friends all day, go for bicycle rides, explore outdoors and then sleep peacefully at night, which is something not found today. If ever again I get a chance to be a kid, I would love to go back to those vacations where I didn’t have to be worried about anything!

Mrunal Jain: My childhood was spent in Mumbai and contrary to what people say, it was a great place to grow up. I had a ton of building friends and we played and did a lot of masti. I also remember going out with my parents and gorging on yummy ice-creams. I really wish I could get those days back. So many priceless memories are there. It was incredible.

Jay Soni: Being a kid was so much fun. I was a total brat, by the way. I was pampered like anything. Whatever I wanted, I would have it the next day. Also, I got away with a lot of masti while my other friends weren’t as lucky! I wish I can still be forgiven for all the masti I do now! But still, I would like to be a spoiled brat again if given a chance where my mistakes were forgiven and was loved excessively!

Priyal Gor : Childhood memories are always beautiful for me. The most exciting moment of my childhood was the time when I first got selected for a project in acting. The fact that it was my mother’s dream that I become an actress and I was on the path to fulfilling that at a very young age, made me feel immensely proud! If given a chance to be a kid again I would like to go to school days again having fun with friends and enjoying life without any stress.

Ravi Dubey: I grew up in Delhi and I had a rocking childhood. There was just no stress. Nothing that was outside my building and school walls mattered to me. I remember being quite excited whenever I would go to amusement parks and fun fairs with my parents. I really cherish those sweet memories.

Vivian Dsena: As a kid I was a very active athlete. I was very competitive and wanted to push the envelope in any sport I played. I had a special spot for football and played it in my school and in my area. It was good that I was never told off by any adult, when I was pursuing sports. I am thankful to them for that. But yes, the memories of playing sports are something I really cherish.

Gunjan Utreja: Everything about my childhood is so special, and how can it not be! I remember having a gala time whenever we would go out for picnics with my family. There were games, and even the adults would take part in our games. There was antakshari that we all played! And what was amazing about that time was there were no distractions. A quality time with family was not interrupted by cell phones etc, like how it is now.

Rashami Desai: While I was an introvert who opened up later, I was never far away from playing a prank on my classmates in school! Having said that, I was quite a disciplined girl because my mother was a teacher. The fact that I participated in cultural activities opened me up. But if given a chance, I would any time chose that period of my life where I could go back to and prank someone!

Aniruddh Dave: I spent my childhood in Rajasthan and I have many fond memories of the place. I have not been happier than what I was as a kid in school. I was naughty yet quite smart, so I would get away with things. But the best part of my childhood is playing under arm cricket. We would take matches with other buildings and tease whoever lost. I was very naughty back then, and thankfully I have mellowed down. But if I could turn back the clock, I would love to go back to that cricket pitch with my friends.

Shashank Vyas: My childhood was all about playing out with friends, being pampered by my parents and being a very naughty child. One thing I didn’t like was video games. My friends would play video games like Contra and Mario and I would be dragging them away to come out and play for real. It’s just a good habit I feel. To go back in time, I would choose the grounds outside my building where I played literally thousands of hours of cricket.

Mohammad Nazim: In school, I was a very good kid. I was never in trouble, had great friends and the teachers too were good with me. The most I enjoyed was during my school picnics. We would sing in the bus, freak out at the picnic spot and narrate ghost stories if it was an overnight picnic. We would also prank our teachers there. Nothing very serious, but we would put salt in the tea and then just wait for reaction. It was hilarious. I wish I could go back in time on one of those picnics.