No matter how hectic life gets, there’s a child in all of us that we try so hard to suppress, but it jumps out. And it’s so cool that our country actually gives so much importance to the daydedicated to kids-the Children’s Day. Because they are the future, not only of our country but of our planet. In this article, our favorite TV actors rewind the tape of their lives and share with us their special childhood memories.

Laksh – My mom tells me that I was a chubby kid with dense curly hair and I was very hyper. Its funny, because at any party my parents were at, guys would snatch me from my mom’s lap and use me as a tool/instrument/bait, whatever you want to call it, to attract women! They’d think that taking me along would attract females and they could get a chance for a date!  I know it’s weird, yet its true. But I would go back to that time, because I feel that growing older makes one selfish, self oriented and takes you away from mother nature. You loose your identity and transform into a ‘pragmatic’ creature. Yet, if given an opportunity, I would land again on my mother’s back and shoulders as I found it the most adorable, safe, secure, comfortable and above all, a carefree space!

Asmita Sood – I had a very colorful and lively childhood. Being from a small town like Shimla, I made the best of friends there. One very special memory I have is that of going for walks to the forest with my little friends, plucking berries and fruits in the forest and playing hide and seek until the sun would set. If I could be a kid again, I would love to go for those long forest walks, eat the freshly plucked fruits and just enjoy the fresh air of the hills.

Jasmin Bhasin – My childhood is the best  part of my life. But if I had to share one memory, then it would be when I would  go out with my grandfather because he is my favorite person in my entire family. Every Sunday he would take us to Chambal garden and after that for dinners. I would wait for Sundays all week. Spending time with him was the best part of my childhood. If I become a kid again, I would never like to grow up. Somehow I would like to make time stop and live as child forever!

Ankit Bathla – My childhood was super fun. I remember throwing the milk in the plants so that mom won’t come to know that I haven’t had milk. Then, I would sleep and tell her I was revising. That way, I was a damn naughty kid. Even today, I’d give the world for sitting on that nursery bench, eating an orange ice-candy and  dropping it all over my shirt. So much fun!

Shardul Pandit – My fondest memory of my childhood is the birth of my younger sister. I prayed I would get a brother, but when she was born and I held her in my arms, everything just changed for me. I had an instant protective feeling and a purpose from then on. Besides, I would play a lot of outdoor games as a kid, unlike now. I was a very shy and had no friends and that’s one thing I regret. In fact, I hardly spoke at that time. But that time was most special in my life.

Ravi Dubey :  Childhood in Delhi was amazing. I loved playing on the ground. I loved going out with parents to a variety of places including Appu Ghar. I cherish those memories. Childhood is full of innocence and happy times and surely that was a carefree life.

Vivian Dsena :
  I was active sports boy even in school. I used to play football very actively and used to win always. The winning streak foundation was laid in school only. I was always encouraged to play sports by my family and teachers.  I remember playing football in my area as well as school and those memories are still fresh.

Shashank Vyas: My childhood in Ujjain is full of memories. I used to play in my colony with my friends. As a child I was always pampered by everyone. I was naughty and used to be active in sports. Even as a child I was a foodie and used to spend my pocket money in buying little eatables outside school. My parents used to tell me not to eat outside but still I used to do it all the time.

Mohammad Nazim I have grown up in Markotla and it used t obe fun. I used to play marbles and even gilli danda. I even used to paly hide and seek and once out of the house never used to come back timely. my mom used to come hunting for me. I was a naughty child yet was disciplined and knew I want to make something substantial out of my life.

Ssharad Malhotraa- My childhood was in Kolkata and I was big prankster. I used to have lot of fun with my friends. There was no time limit to play on weekends and I used to play variety of sports including football and cricket. When I recall those days I feel delighted. I am reminded of the song “woh kagaz ki kasthi woh baarish ka paani”

Aniruddh Dave- I have grown up in pink city Jaipur. I was pampered like hell. I used to go to milky way a shakes place and drink one full glass every week and eat chocolate ice-cream at  statue circle. My mom used to fulfill all my needs and wants. I wasn’t scolded at all and yet was disciplined. I believe life is all about loving your parents. They gave me amazing values that I am reaping the benefits of it till date.



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