Pandya Store recently announced that its going to air two episodes in a single day for a whole week, starting from 29th Jan to 2nd Feb, one episode at 6pm & another at 7:30pm. The show recently completed 1000 episodes and showered with so much love and support, they have announced one whole week of more episodes. So it will be more entertainment, more drama, more content and more of Pandya Store.
Too good to be true?
No, Star Plus sure plans to keep its audience hooked and the urge for binging satiated. After an intriguing track of revenge marriage between Dhaval & Suhani and Natasha standing up to Sandeep, upcoming track of the show Pandya Store would revolve around Dhaval fighting a life & death situation and returning home with Natasha.
And the biggest conflict of all, the secret of Amreesh getting spilled in front of doting brother, Dhaval.

Will this be the end of the relationships which held the family of Makwanas together? How will it affect Natasha & Dhaval? Will Amreesh, who has now fallen from the pedestal ever make amends to his brother or will Dhaval ever be able to forgive Amreesh? Would Natasha we able mend broken ties? All these unanswered questions, and we want more. Hence, not one but two episodes in a day!

There is no missing out from 29th Jan to 2nd Feb, two original episodes in a day, at 6pm & 7:30pm. Calenders booked.