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Episode begins with Satti recalling Rupi and Harman’s conversation that the latter purchased a truck from Tejo’s wedding money. She also recalls Jazz’s mother’s demands from engagement ceremony. Busy recall all this, she by mistake puts hand in hot bowl but Beeji saves her. Beeji asks her to be careful. Satti shares her pain with Beeji that if Jazz and his mother gets to know they have no money left to proceed with Tejo’s marriage functions, they will break this marriage. After this her daughters will get defamed in the whole village. Nobody will marry her daughters. Beeji asks Satti to be strong till the engagement gets over.

Fateh recalls Jasmine and his father’s words. Jazz and his mother in alone  gets happy knowing that they have robbed at least 16-17 lakhs rupees from Sandhu’s. They say now they can trap other families from Punjab too. They get sacred seeing Fateh behind them. Other side Fateh’s family praise his thinking of helping a friend (Jazz) in need. Fateh tells he came thinking something else but something else happened. Fateh leaves Jazz and his mother feel relaxed knowing that Fateh didn’t heard anything. Fateh’s father said that Fateh will make him proud not be like Simran who left him and her country for love. Gurpreet supports Simran. Fateh’s grandfather says love is something which gives a person power to fight anyone.

Simran’s grandmother asks if Fateh falls in love with someone. Fateh’s father replies Fateh will not fall weak for love. Fateh sends Mahi and Amrik with Buzzo. Fateh hears an old couple discussing their true love story. Jasmine gets a letter from Fateh to meet him. Jasmine gets happy thinking that now she will meet the imported lover. Jazz says to his mother if he would have a brother then they  would have earned double by getting him married to Jasmine.

Tejo overhears some of the mother and son’s conversation. Jazz tells Tejo that they have started searching a groom for Jasmine, so that she comes to him early and Jasmine’s Canada dream too come true. Jasmine gets shocked shy seeing Fateh as her imported lover. She asks him did he sent her gifts and love letters. Fateh indirectly gives her a rose. She thanks him and praise his gifts and shayaris. Fateh stops Jasmine from telling him about the dream.

He tells her that he knows about her Canada dream and says that he will take her to Canada. (Jasmine gets shy and Fateh makes her swing on the swing.) This is revealed to be his dream. Fateh comes back to reality, Jasmine says he can’t fool her. Fateh stops her from leaving and tells her that he will apply for Job in Canada next morning only. Jasmine in anger mocks him saying  that it takes time to get a good job in Canada or even getting visa for Canada. Fateh says he will surely shift to Canada for her leaving everything. Jasmine again Mick’s him saying everyone in Punjab dreams of reaching Canada but it’s not that easy, otherwise she would have reached Canada till now.

Fateh tries convincing Jasmine saying, that no one can love her that much like he loves. He adds that he is educated, belongs to a respected family and a national level boxing player, he can get a job in Canada very easily. Jasmine says to Fateh that to try first and show his face to her only when he get am appointment letter. He says he can get it in 7-10 days. Jasmine arrogantly gives him 1 month to get the appointment letter. She challenges him telling that Jazz is also finding a Canadian groom for her. Fateh asks Jasmine to become his friend till he gets the appointment letter. Jasmine agrees saying, “no appointment letter, no chance”. She leaves saying that her hopes broke. Fateh says, he will not let the hope break and jumps in joy.

Sandhu’s see off Jazz and his mother. Jazz’s mother asks Rupi get the Land papers ready as soon as possible. Jazz again lies saying he can’t wait for both of them to go to Canada. He adds that to call Tejo early to Canada he will soon search a Canadian groom for Jasmine. Jasmine gets happy hearing that Jazz is preparing to get her and Tejo’s paperwork done together. Jasmine gives gold sets (jewellery) to Jazz’s mother. Jazz’s mother on their way discuss that Neetu (their previous target) might be searching them, so they should Rob Tejo fast and leave from Moga. Trapped Tejo thinks she expected a life partner just like Jazz and thanks God for it. 

Episode Ends

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