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Episode starts with the factory workers raising slogans against Meher and asking her to apologise to them or else they won’t move. Sarab tries to make Meher understand that there are only two ways left now: one is to apologise to them or else leave from here. Meher says she isn’t a coward or scared of anyone nor would she apologise to anyone. A worker throws a shoe at Meher but Sarab gets hold of it. He goes to the man and asks how dare he threw a shoe at a woman. He screams and says she won’t apologise to them now but the man tells him that they have burnt the entire consignment so he runs to check on it. Meher gets a call from her client asking about the consignment.

Sarab burns to the consignment room and sees a worker splashing kerosene over the area while a fire breaks out in the entire area. He pushes the worker and starts extinguishing the fire. Haniya and Aasman try to calm the workers but they don’t listen. Meher stands still and recalls Sarab’s words and thinking of the consignment she apologises to the workers. This makes them calm down and leave. Sarab says he has talked to the client and convinced him about sending the consignment a little late. He himself takes the responsibility of delivering it.

Haniya and Sarab meet for lunch at a restaurant where Haniya asks him what he was about to tell her. He hesitates and speaks so sweetly but indirectly that the situation makes Haniya think that he is trying to propose to her. As he says that he has promised his mother she thinks his family also knows about them while he actually tries to speak about Leo. After that his friend who works at the restaurant arrives who fixes Leo’s job at the restaurant. He informs Munni that Leo’s job has been fixed but doesn’t mention tbe restaurant. Munni gets excited thinking Leo would be working at Meher’s office so she visits Meher’s office to check his cabin. She sees a piece of jewellery kept on Meher’s table and immediately steals it.

Sarab meets Munni in his office who says that she is here to check where
Haniya tells her friend that she couldn’t tell anything to Sarab since he is the one who said everything and he has also spoken to everyone at home. Haniya thinks of talking to Aasman after reaching home. Suddenly Meher reaches Sarab’s house where Munni welcomes her. Sarab’s father asks Mother to leave in a drunken state. Police enters Sarab’s house and Meher says that there has been a theft in her office. She asks the police to arrest Sarab and insults him. Sarab tells the police that he isn’t lying and hasn’t done anything. Meher says that she has got to know that the consignment has been stolen and she is sure he has done this. Haniya comes and asks the police to stop.

Episode ends.

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