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Haniya asks Meher to not blame an innocent person and says she must have definitely had some misunderstanding since a man like Sara can never do something like this. Meher tells her that she doesn’t know anything and trusts people blindly who take advantage of her advantage. Haniya asks the police if they have any proof against Sarab. Meher gets annoyed with Haniya and leaves with the police. After Meher leaves, Haniya tells Sarab that they need to go to the client and fetch information as to what really happened.

Haniya and Sarab get to know that the consignment has been moved on purpose by someone. They try to track the truck driver but they fail to do it. They check the address of the consignment delivery at the office and get to know that someone put an invisible tape over the original address to misguide them .

Haniya comes home and asks Meher to get ready for the party. Meher asks her what she is talking about. After some argument, Haniya makes her confess that she asked Shakti to hide the consignment so that they can frame Sarab but she says she doesn’t really know where the consignment is right now and swears on Haniya. Meher gets Mr. Bansal’s call so she asks him that she will send the delivery by next day for sure and tries to convince him. Haniya wonders who must have vanished the consignment. Sarab gets to know from Leo that Shakti is distributing alcohol at the bar for free so he goes to check what’s the matter.

Later, Shakti tells Meher that he has spoken to some factory workers who can complete the consignment in two days and deliver it but for double the amount. Meher says no matter what he does, the company’s reputation must not be compromised. He opens his laptop and tries to show her a blueprint of all their consignments that he has made. As he opens the laptop and plays a video, they get to see a video of himself saying that today he is very happy since he got to seek his revenge from Meher and Sarab both. This video has been shot by Sarab.

Meher gets very angry seeing this video and was about to slap Shakti but he stops her. Sarab comes and says he tries his best but messes with the wrong person so he has to rot behind the bars now. He takes him out to the police who praise him for probing himself innocent and also finding the culprit. Meher apologises to Sarab but he says he doesn’t want her apology, rather he would remember what she did to him all his life and will surely seek his revenge from her. Haniya wonders how she would tell Meher about her feelings now.

Episode ends .

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