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The episode starts with Aasma saying to Haniya that she decided to ask Sarab hands for her daughter. Haniya misunderstands that she is talking about her wedding with Sarab. Aasma says that it’s the perfect choice for her daughter. Haniya gets happy and hugged her mom. Later, Haniya asks Mehar what have she done to Sarab to laugh like this? Mehar burst out in laugh thinking about that scene. Haniya thought to ask Sarab about it. Meanwhile, Sarab’s sister says to Munni that Haniya calling him. Munni says that he joined in that garments because of her. Mehar hates him but Haniya helping him. She even doubts that both are sisters or not? Haniya thought to meet Sarab in his house and ask about it. Lilly comes there and takes Munni from there. Sarab is doing exercises in his room.

Haniya comes there searching for Lilly. Sarab comes out without wearing the shirt. Haniya is shocked to see him shiftless. He hides seeing her. He asks her what’s she doing here? She blabbers to him that she came to ask him about his body. He is shocked. She tells him that she came to discuss about the board meeting. He hides his body with mat and plate. She smiles seeing him. She says to him that she doesn’t know what happened between him and Mehar. So she thought to ask him about it. They are discussing about that scene. Munni brings Leo there. He is drunk. He is complaining about Sabar to them. He noticed Haniya there. He asks her where is her friend? She was mistreating him. They are working in their company so they can do anything to them. Munni fears that he will ruin Sarab’s job from that company. Leo asks Haniya not to poke her head in their family matters. Munni apologized to Haniya. She excuses them.

Aasmaa informs the family members that she chose Sarab for Mehar. Sukhi says that it’s not possible. He is working in their company. Aasmaa says that he is a good person. Even Sukhi praised him. Aasmaa says that he is the perfect one for Mehar. She adds that Mehar hates mens. But she is happy with Sarab. He is the right choice for Mehar. Rano says that she has to think about it again. Mehar is stubborn person. Aasmaa says that it’s her final decision. Only Sarab can control her. Rano says that Sarab isn’t equal to her qualification. Aasmaa says that when she returned from USA. Armaan was 12th fail. They convinced her to marry him for the family relationship. Sukhi says that she is right. He tried to convince them. Mehar comes there and ask them whose marriage fixed? Aasmas says that she fixed her wedding. If she brings a person within 24 hours she can marry him or else she has to listen to her. Mehar denied it. Aasmaa threatens to kick her out of the company then.
Mehar is determined to teach a lesson to her mom.

Leo complaints to Munni about Sarab. She tells him that she will definitely ask him about it. She changed the topic seeing Sarab. She refuses to eat the food. Sarab tried to convince her. Munni complaints that he can’t help Leo to find a job. She created a scene and locked herself in the room. Sarab refuses to eat the food till mom eats. Haniya hears it and worried about him. Later, Mehar brings Ballu to home. Aasmaa threatens to give an complain against him. He runs from there. Aasmaa demands Mehar to marry the person she chose for her. Haniya gives good to Sarab. He refuses to eat. She assures him to offer a job for Leo. He thanked her. Aasmaa asks Munni to meet her..

Episode end

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