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Episode begins with Jasmine talking to Preeto and telling her that everyone asked for her in Tejo’s engagement ceremony. Jasmine asked Preeto to try coming to Tejo’s Sangeet Ceremony as she will feel relaxed and forget about fraud. Jasmine tells Preeto that her data got finished when she sent her fraud’s photo bit now she has got recharge done. She asks Preeto to make a poster of fraud so that he couldn’t fool someone else. Other side, Jazz stands still seeing police near him.

Jasmine finishes her call with Preeto. Jazz gets relaxed and tells his mother that police came for someone else. Before Jasmine could see Jazz’s photo sent by Preeto, a kite with something written on it comes towards her and her phone falls down. Jasmine reads the shayari and Fateh’s information about his job. Reading it she gets to know that Fateh’s job application got accepted and next week is his interview. Jasmine gets happy reading it and see Fateh downstairs. She also writes a letter for Fateh asking to come to her when gets Canada’s Visa. Fateh leaves and Jasmine thinks that Fateh is cute but he is of use to her. She sees her broken phone says stupid Fateh broke her phone and even doesn’t have a Canadian Visa.

Jasmine thinks to ask Abhiraj to get her phone repaired so that her photos or videos doesn’t get removed/deleted. She also thinks if phone doesn’t get repaired how will she take photos on Tejo’s marriage. Other side Tejo talks to Jazz on call and tells him that she told her parents that they will get married in her house only because of banquet problem. Jazz agrees to her and she thanks him. She collides with Fateh in her way.

Fateh asks the reason for her happiness. Tejo replies to Fateh that she is happy on getting a loving, caring and understanding life partner like Jazz. Fateh tells Tejo one day Jasmine will too say this. Tejo sees Jasmine’s letter in Fateh’s car and say that she is not seeing any chances of it. They discuss about Jasmine and Fateh says he can do anything for Jasmine, can even give his life. He tells her that she can even test him, he will never back down from his words. Tejo says everything will get clear with time.

Before leaving Tejo explains Fateh that he will break his heart and get pain only seeing Jasmine’s dreams. He even doesn’t know if Jasmine loves him or not. Fateh replies that he knows one day Jasmine will love him like he loves her. Jasmine’s says what will Jazz and his mother think when they will get to know that they don’t have money for Tejo’s marriage. She last say that Jazz will not even find a Canadian groom/boy for her. Navraj says that he will sell his guitar, Dilraj says he will give all his saves money from his gullak. Jasmine decides to sell her favorite dresses. Navraj clicks her dresses photo.

Tejo comes there and ask Jasmine to open the door. All three hide the dresses and open the door to Tejo. Jasmine gives Tejo the ring she was she was searching for. Tejo sees the Jasmine’s dresses below her bed. Jasmine tells her that she is selling her dresses on internet. Other side, Gurpreet gets angry seeing Fateh’s messy room. She gets shocked to see Fateh’s work permit letter for Canada. Khushbeer asks her what happened and she hides the letter from him saying it’s all garbage as Fateh has made his room a mess. She gets scared and Khushbeer asks her if she is fine he leaves asking her to bring breakfast for him.

Gurpreet thinks she cannot lose Fateh too like she lost Simran. Jasmine wakes up Tejo saying it’s her Mehndi ceremony today. She teases Tejo with Jazz’s name. Tejo feels nervous and Jasmine calls Jazz making him talk to Tejo. Jazz lies that he can’t wait now. Jazz’s mother asks him that if he fell in love with Tejo. Jazz feels bad for Tejo. Gurpreet in anger asks Amrik about Fateh’s whereabouts. She ask him to call Fateh. Gurpreet ask Fateh to return home as soon as possible. While talking to his mother Fateh sees Jasmine and gets lost in her.

Fateh sees Jasmine falling and  disconnects his mother and save her. A cloth falls on them and later falls down. They get entangled in garlands. Jasmine thanks him. Jasmine tells Fateh she will believe him when he will show her Canada’s Visa. Tejo from behind looks at them. Tejo thinks to keep Fateh away from Jasmine once she gets married.

Episode Ends

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