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The episode starts with Tejo giving flute to Candy. He gets happy to see it and runs from there. Tejo then gives Krishna dress for Candy to Simran. Simran thanks Tejo and asks where Fateh is. Other hand Amanpreet records an unconscious and injured Fateh’s video. Tejo comes to her room looking for Fateh. She doesn’t find him and wonders where he has gone. She calls him. Amanpreet has Fateh’s phone. He sees Tejo’s call. He mocks Tejo and laughs. He rejects the call. Tejo calls Fateh’s colleague in the college to know if he is there and learns that he isn’t in the college. She sends him a message asking him to return home soon. Amanpreet laughs seeing the message and turns off the phone. Tejo calls Fateh again and finds it switched off. She wonders if Amanpreet didn’t do anything with Fateh.

Tejp comes to the hall lost in her thoughts. Candy is disguised as Krishna and dances while the Virks enjoy his performance. Tejo receives a video message and goes apart to check the video. She gets shocked seeing a video of injured Fateh. She understands that Amanpreet kidnapped Fateh. She prays to God to save Fateh.

Tejo meets Amanpreet and asks why he has kidnapped Fateh. Amanpreet asks Tejo to spend a night with him shocking Tejo. Amanpreet gives Tejo two hours to decide and threatens to kill Fateh if she doesn’t agree to his condition. He leaves. Elsewhere Jasmine is in call with Gurpreet. She lies that she has come to her new doctor for an appointment and she will return home late. Jasmine gets a fake ultrasound report from a lady in exchange of money. She confirms with the lady if the report is perfect and no one can find out about her miscarriage. Just after the lady left Yash calls out Jasmine. Ayush confronts Jasmine about her miscarriage. He questions her about getting fake ultrasound report to fool her family. Jasmine acts and sheds crocodile tears saying that she doesn’t have enough courage to tell the truth. Ayush thinks that she’s such a dramebaaz. Jasmine requests him to tell his family until she finds right time to tell her. Yash agrees. Jasmine thinks that Yash is a stupid like Tejo.

Tejo remembers Amanpreet and bursts into tears. She composes herself and gets determined to save Fateh from Amanpreet. Elsewhere Fateh gains his consciousness. He remembers that he got kidnapped. He tries to free himself and threatens Amanpreet men. They laugh at Fateh and mocks Fateh. Yash asks Jasmine’s passport to apply for Visa and do register married. Jasmine hugs Yash and thinks that he will save him from Fateh and Tejo. Yash thinks of duping Jasmine.

Aman tells Fateh about his condition to Tejo and says that he will broadcast it live to Fateh. Fateh gets furious hearing this. Meanwhile Tejo gets ready. She thinks of teaching Amanpreet a lesson for harming Fateh and making a deal with her with her respect. She looks at knife furiously. Tejo prays to Goddess and promises to return home after saving Fateh and teaching Amanpreet a lesson. Simran asks Tejo where she’s going and Fateh also didn’t return home. Tejo gives an excuse of some important work and leaves.

Tejo comes to Amanpreet. There Fateh warches this on the TV screen and gets angry. He tries to free himself. Here Tejo takes out a drink and offers it to Amanpreet. The latter goes to get two glasses. In the meantime Tejo searches for any proof against Amanpreet. She sits on the sofa seeing Amanpreet coming back. Amanpreet pours the drink on the glass. At the Virks Gurpreet wonders where Tejo and Simran have gone. Simran says that have gone for some work and says that they will return home. Candy asks Gurpreet to tell story of Krishna. Amanpreet dances with Tejo. The latter intentionally hits his leg with her leg. Amanpreet’s man calls Amanpreet to tell that Tejo was looking for something when he went to take glasses. Amanpreet receives a call. Tejo snatches his phone and asks him to make food for her. Amanpreet goes in. Meanwhile Fateh escapes after beating Amanpreet’s men. Tejo finds a file and understands that Amanpreet wants Candy’s custody for his dad’s property as his dad wrote all the property on Candy’s name. She confronts Amanpreet about the same. Amanpreet tries to snatch the file from Tejo’s hand. Tejo hits him and threatens him showing the knife. Amanpreet takes out his gun and threatens to shoot her if she doesn’t give him the file.

The episode ends.

Precap: Virks get worried about Fateh and Tejo. Jasmine thinks of leaving for Canada with Yash before Virks find out about her miscarriage. Yash vows to take revenge from Jasmine for someone’s death.

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Udaariyaan 15th August 2022 Written Update: Tejo overhears the conversation between Jasmine-Gurpreet