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The episode starts with Armaan feeding food to Aasmaa. She asks him to take care of Raja. She don’t trust Alia. Armaan says that he is aware so he kept his eyes on Alia. Meanwhile, Alia received a phone call. Alia says to Rano that she got a call from Raja’s centre. He asks her to take Raja there. He wants to take Raja to a counseling. It will give good results. He will be alright asap. Alia thinks that she will make sure Raja won’t return to this house. Meanwhile, Alia hugs Raja and says that we are going to do shopping today. She puts rat inside his shirt. She excuses him to use the washroom. Raja feels uncomfortable and removed his clothes. Alia is watching him from far. Raja removed his clothes and falls on a girl. She asks them to beat him. He is misbehaving with her. Alia notices them beating Raja. She takes a stranger’s phone and informs the rehabilitation centre about him. She says that he removed his clothes and misbehaving with girls. She asks them to take him from there.

Aasmaa and Armaan comes there and stops the people from beating Raja. Alia thinks that they ruined her plan. Alia pretends like care for Raja. Few staff’s comes there to take Raja from there. Aasmaa lashes out at them. Aasmaa says to Alia that she isn’t a blind. She can see what have she done to Raja. She scolds her and leaves. Later, Aasmaa struggles to place her bindi. Armaan helps her. Aasmaa says to him that Alia will stoop low then this. He has to stop her. Aasmaa asks him if she really thinking Alia did it. Aasmaa says that she don’t has a proof. But she is sure she is behind it all. Armaan thinks that he won’t leave her if she was behind it all. Later, Armaan confronts Alia. Alia says to him that she didn’t do anything. If he thinking she can do it.

Alia says to him that she was trying to move on in her life. Aasmaa may said it to him that she was behind it all. She created a scene there. She asks him to inform everyone about it. Armaan says that he won’t fall for her trick. He won’t leave her if she tries to harm his family members. He believes Aasmaa not Alia. Alia gets anger hearing her name. She got a new plan. She thinks that she didn’t get this idea before. Alia mix chemicals in Aasmaa’s eye drops. She checks it on her hand. She feels burning. She thinks that if Aasmaa use this eye drops then she will lose her vision forever. Raja asks Alia to play with her. She asks him to play with Aasmaa in the garden. Weather is nice outside. Raja gives a coolers to Aasmaa to wear.

Alia sneaks into Aasma’s room and searches for the sye drops. Armaan asks Aasmaa to put eye drops in her eyes. Aasmaa goes inside. Alia notices Aasmaa leaves to wash her hands. She mix chemical in her eye drops. Aasmaa uses it unaware of the truth. She starts shouting for help. Armaan comes there to help her. She says to him that she can’t see anything. Her eyes burning. He splashes water on her eyes. He hugs her to console her. He informs to the family members that he is taking her to the hospital. Alia says that if she take ice pack then she will be alright. Armaan takes her from there. Alia thinks that she snatched her eyes from her. She will snatch her Armaan from her too.

Episode end

Precap; The doctor says to Armaan that something is wrong with the medicine

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