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The episode starts with Armaan taking Aasmaa to the hospital. The doctor asks Aasmaa not to be panic. He starts the treatment to her. Aasmaa says to him that she can’t see anything. Armaan says that everything was fine in the morning. At least she can see little. The doctor asks Aasmaa if she puts anything in her eyes? Aasmaa says that she used the eye drops. The doctor says that it won’t give side effects to her. Armaan holds his collar and beats him. He question him about the medicine. Ekam comes there and separate Armaan from him. Armaan is arguing with the doctor. Rano asks the doctor to do something to cure her. Alia sends Raj to home along with his mom. Ekam asks the doctor what happened to her? He wants to know the truth. The doctor says that this medicine won’t give any side effects to her. It something added in that medicine. Ekam asks him to take all the necessary test. He wants to find the truth. Armaan says that drops is in home.

Alia thinks that her fingers print is in it. If he checks it then he can identify her. She shouldn’t get caught. Alia hugs Ekam and says to him that Aasmaa is her sister. She can’t see her in this state. Ekam consoles her. The doctor checks Aasmaa. She hugs Armaan in fear. Alia says to Ekam that he is aware of Sukhi’s anger. He isn’t talking with her for the last two days. She says that her family members are nice people. She thinks that Sukhi did it in anger. Ekam says that he won’t leave anyone who is behind it. Ekam says that he will collect the finder print. Alia thinks that she has to stop him from find the eye drops. Armaan says to Ekam that he is going to home to find the eye drops. He asks him to stay with Aasmaa till he come back. He says that he shouldn’t leave that person who did this to Aasmaa.

Meanwhile, Alia reaches to home. She sneaks into Armaan’s room through window. She searched for the eye drops. She couldn’t find it. Armaan reaches there. She hides from his sight. Armaan searches for the eye drops. Alia keeps a close watch on Armaan. He finds the eye drops somehow and leaves from there. Meanwhile, the doctor says to everyone that test is over. Aasmaa may feels relieved after taking medicine. She asks him what happened to her? She asks him to reveal the truth. Armaan comes there and gives the eye drops to the doctor. Ekam and Armaan accompanied the doctor to take the test. The doctor says to Armaan that this medicine is fine. It didn’t give any side effects to her. Armaan asks the doctor how is this possible? Something happened to his wife. The doctor says that they are educated. He puts the eye drops in his eyes to prove it. He says that nothing is wrong in it. Alia recalls the way she changed the eye drops. Alia thinks that her plan worked out.

The doctor asks them to take care of Aasmaa. If she don’t get her vision within 24 hours then it’s hard to cure her. Alia asks her if she lose her vision? Armaan says that she will get her vision back. Later, Armaan says to Alia that she has to pray to the god that he shouldn’t find out she isn’t behind this all. He won’t leave her. Alia says that she was his past. He shouldn’t blame her for everything. She is a daughter-in-law of him. Armaan says that he is aware of her. He won’t leave her. Alia thinks that if he know well about her then he might know she won’t leave Raja and Aasmaa till she get him back. Armaan takes Aasmaa to her room. Alia is determined to kick her out of the room.

Episode end

Alia to create a misunderstanding between Raja and Armaan

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