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The episode starts with Armaan breaking out in tears. He recalls Aasma’s state and feels helpless. Alia comes there. Armaan ignores her. Alia says to Armaan that she is aware he is thinking she was the reason behind her state. She is her sister. She forgot the past. She did a lot of mistake. She can’t fall stoop like this. Alia says that she can take care of her. She says that her friend’s father is a eye surgeon. He can talks with him about Aasmaa. He is talking with the doctor. Alia notices Raja there. She thinks that she has to play this game with him. She pretends to fall. Armaan holds her. Raja notices them together. Alia acts like he misbehaves with her. She sends Armaan from there. Raja asked her what happened? She says to him that she doesn’t know why Armaan did this to her. He can’t understand if she explain it to him. She sends him from there.

Rano is taking care of Aasmaa. Alia sends Rano from there. Alia smirks at Aasmaa. She feeds chilly to Aasmaa. Aasmaa feels burning. She searched for the water. Alia hides the water jug. She mades her fall down. She asks her If she can see it. Aasmaa says to her that she is aware she was behind it all. Alia says that she did it all. What she can do in it? If she reveal it to Ekam or Armaan. She says that she will inform everyone that she is doing it all in the hate on her. Alia says that she can’t prove anything to anyone. She can’t beat her. She adds that Aasmaa is not able to see what she is doing now. She will provoke araja against them. Aasmaa says that she shouldn’t do like that. She poured water on her. She says that this is the punishment for poured water on her on that day. She will make her pay for her deeds. She leaves from there. Alia calls Armaan and lies to him that Ekam send some things for Aasmaa. It was in her room.

Armaan comes to her room. She pulls him towards her. She stops him from getting up. Raja notices them together. He gets up and asks her where is the things? She sends him from there. Alia pretends like she was molested by Armaan in front of Raja. He asked her what happened? She tells him that she can’t say it to him. He won’t understand it. Armaan asks Aasmaa what happened to her. Aasmaa says to him that Alia was planning something behind them. She don’t understand anything. He hugs her to console her. Alia provoked Raja against Armaan. She tells him that he was misbehaving with her often. Raja consoles her. Armaan is giving food to Aasmaa. Raja beats him from behind. He is shocked to see Raja holding bat in his hand. He is beating him. Aasmaa asks him what happened? Alia feels happy to see it.

Alia scolds Raja in front of them. She asks him how could he raise his hand on his brother? Alia stops Raja from talking with Armaan. Alia sends him from there. She apologized to Armaan on behalf of Raja. He says that he can solve the issues with his brother. He don’t need her help in it. Alia holds Aasma and talks with her in sarcasm. Later, Raja asks Alia why she stopped him from beating Armaan. He did wrong. Alia asks him not to touch him. She poured water on him and says that he don’t understand anything. Alia says to Raja that Armaan won’t admit that he misbehaved with his wife. They will look down on her. She asks him not to reveal it to anyone. She demands him to promise him. Alia thinks that he wants to make him understand small things.

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Precap; Aasma’s life in danger

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