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The episode starts with Advait and Ekam facing each other. Kismat song plays in the BG. Ekam looks towards Nehamt, who stands to the side. Advait asks Ekam how he dared to park his car in front of his. Ekam says that Advait crossed the speed limit and overtook his Jeep on the wrong side. Advait asks Ekam if he doesn’t know who his dad is. Ekam says that he knows who his dad is, but the road doesn’t belong to anyone’s dad. Ekam looks towards Nehmat. Advait notices this. Advait goes to Nehmat. He circles Nehmat’s waist with his arms and takes her in front of Ekam. Ekam looks at Nehmat’s nuptial chain and recalls her promise to never leave him. Advait asks Ekam why he seems angry, if he didn’t get the sweets for their wedding. Ekam says that they don’t eat spoiled sweets and adds that he threw it in the dustbin. He further says that he is simply doing his duty when Advait tries to show his political influence. He taunts Nehmat by saying that Nehmat used to beat those drives ruthlessly, but now she’s cheering Advait, sitting next to him. He says that Nehmat was influenced by Advait. The latter holds Ekam’s shirt and warns him to stay within his limits. He also asks him not to forget that he is talking about his wife. Ekam removes Advait’s hand from his shirt.

Ekam asks Advait to be careful with Nehmat, as it’s her habit to hurt others. Advait pushes Ekam, asking him to stay within his limits. Ekam holds Advait by his coat and asks if he should punish him here or take him to the police station for raising his hand on a police officer who is on duty. Advait and Ekam hold each other’s shirts and glare angrily at each other. Nehmat separates them, asking them to stop. Nehmat says to Ekam that she knows that Ekam’s anger is towards her, but he can’t raise his hand on her husband. She asks him to fine them for breaking the rule instead and asks him not to misuse his power. Nehmat says to Advait that they should leave as they’re getting late for the temple. Advait warns Ekam to be careful and says that he may not know Nehmat well. Advait and Nehmat drive off. Ekam angrily looks towards the way they went. 

Jasmine sees the wedding picture of Nehmat and Advait published in the newspaper and gets angry that there is not even one wedding picture of Naaz and Nikhil. Jasmine says that Naaz’s life has been spoiled ever since Nikhil entered it, but Naaz refuses to understand this. She thinks of doing something. On the other hand, Naaz shows Advait and Nehmat’s picture published in the newspaper and says that there are no pictures of them. Nikhil says that he doesn’t like attention, and moreover, Advait is going to be the political figure after Shamsher, so he gets the attention. Nikhil says that he isn’t interested in politics. He further says that he has Naaz now and he will get money from Advait, so he doesn’t need anything else. He asks her enjoy too. He says that they should go on a honeymoon too. He adds that Advait will make all the arrangements. Nikhil leaves. Naaz angrily says that she wants everything. 

Jasmine phones Shelly. She scolds her for letting Naaz marry Nikhil. She tried to explain to Naaz too, but she didn’t listen to her. She asks Shelly to make Naaz understand that Nikhil doesn’t have anything. On the other hand, Naaz is shocked to learn that Nikhil is financially dependent on Advait for everything, and even their honeymoon tickets are paid by Advait, as Shmasher gave the signing authority only to Advait and not Nikhil. 

Advait asks Nehmat if she informed Ekam about them going to the temple. Nehmat asks why she would do such a thing. Advait says that maybe she wanted to see him. Nehmat denies it. Nehmat says that she got married to him, so she has cut all her ties with Ekam. Advait says that if Ekam messes up with him again, he will transfer him to a place where he will regret joining the police force. He says to Nehmat that taking care of Kapoor’s family’s reputation is her primary responsibility and warns her not to tarnish it. Advait returns home. Nikhil reminds Advait about his honeymoon. Advait says that he forgot and assures him that he will do it. Naaz sees and gets upset. 

Nehmat cries hard, recalling Advait’s words. She takes out her parents’ pictures. She cries looking at them and recalls Tejo’s words. Satti phones Nehmat. Nehmat answers the call and talks to them, controlling her tears. Satti has the call on the speaker, and Rupy is listening. Satti asks how she is. Nehmat says that she’s fine. Satti says that they know that Nehmat will keep her relationship and won’t let her old relationship affect it, and she will respect her husband and his family like she does them. Nehmat assures her not to give anyone any chance to complain about her. She asks about Rupy. Satti says that he is fine. She disconnects the call. Rupy says to Satti that Nehmat isn’t fine. He says that she hides her pain like Tejo. Here, Nehmat feels that she got strength from talking to Satti and decides to face any challenges in life.

The episode ends. 

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