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Episode begins with Sandhu’s starting Tejo’s Haldi ceremony celebration. Beeji calms Satti I’m tension of money. Harman tells Rupi that his friend couldn’t arrange money for Tejo’s wedding. Dilraj, Abhiraj, Jasmine and Navraj sell their loved belongings like bike and guitar for arranging money for Tejo’s wedding. Whole Sandhu family gets emotional witnessing kids of the family contributing. Jazz talks to Neetu and manipulate her to get 20 lakhs from her. He doesn’t know that Preeto is dictating everything to Neetu. Both sisters ask Jazz to meet them somewhere. Jazz and his mother unaware of upcoming danger smirk.

Other side, Sandhu’s apply Haldi to Tejo. Jazz thinks he manipulated Neetu. Tejo calls Jazz and tell him that she is feeling nervous. Jazz ask her does she trust him. He ask her to relax as he is also getting nervous. He calms her. They disconnect the call. Both mother-son smile. Satti and Tejo checks family’s clothes for wedding. Satti ask Tejo is she happy. She replies yes. Preeto calls Jasmine and tells her that she called that fraud to meet them with 20 lakhs rupees greed. Jazz tells his mother that he would not go. His mother opposes her. Satti scolds and sends Jasmine to get Tejo’s Shagan dupatta. Tejo thinks how would Jasmine ho alone and take her on the Scottie.

Both sisters get tensed on knowing that the tailor whom they gave Tejo’s Shagan dupatta has gone somewhere and will return in 3-4 days. Jasmine cry saying now Satti will scold her. Fateh too reach there and tell them that when he is there Jasmine wouldn’t cry. 
Fateh takes Tejo and Jasmine to Gurudwara and ask some Navjot in Gurudwara to help Tejo. Jasmine and Tejo instruct Navjot, what type of Dupatta they want. Fateh leaves to bring required materials for dupatta. Navjot tells how Fateh helped her by giving her work in past. Tejo feels emotional. Fateh returns with material. Both Tejo and Fateh take blessings in Gurudwara.

Khushbeer recalls Fateh’s words and gets tensed seeing his photographs. He says he never thought Fateh would do this with him. Tejo at Gurudwara tells Fateh that she wish good for him and Jasmine. Fateh tells about his father’s reaction to Tejo. He says he would still fight for his love. Khushbeer discuss about Fateh and Simran with his father. Fateh says to Tejo that he wish his father could understand his love and his helplessness. Tejo’s dupatta gets ready and ladies in Gurudwara gives her their blessings. Satti at home tells Tejo about her childhood. She tells Tejo that she knows that she always sacrificed her belongings for family. 
Satti says to Tejo that she is marrying for family and Jasmine’s happiness. She bless Tejo. Other side Jazz is seen checking out of the hotel.

Precap: Jazz will tell his mother that he booked train tickets. Other side Tejo and Sandhu’s will continuously wait for Jazz. 

Episode Ends

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