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The episode starts with Armaan scolding Alia. Raja takes rifle in his hand. Everyone is shocked to see the rifle in his hand. Raja points the rifle at Armaan. He says to him that he will shoot him. Sukhi asks Raja to drop the rifle down. Aasmaa asks them where is Armaan? She says to Aasmaa that Raja pointed rifle at Armaan. Aasmaa asks him to drop the rifle down. Raja recalls Alia’s words and shoot. Everyone is shocked to hear the bullet firing sound. Aasmaa shouts in fear. Alia saved Armaan at the nick of time. Aasmaa feels relieved. Sukhi slapped Raja and ask him how dare he to shoot Armaan. He is his elder brother. Sukhi asks him why he did like that? Raja is about to reveal the truth. Alia falls on Raja’s feet and pleads with him not to say anything. She pretends like scolding him in front of everyone. She stops Raja from revealing the truth. Alia says to Rano that Raja is behaving violent recently. She can’t control him. She apologized to Armaan and leaves.

Armaan feels heartbroken. Rano asks Armaan what happened to Raja? He never behaved like this before? Aasmaa asks them to hide the rifle from his sight. She thinks that something is wrong. Meanwhile, Sukhi demands Raja to promise him that he won’t attack Armaan again. Alia comes there and assures him that she will make him understand. She didn’t allowed Raja to reveal the truth. Raja hugs Alia. She sends him to the washroom. She celebrates her victory. Armaan hugs Aasmaa and shares his grief with her. He says that he shouldn’t talk with Raja. But he was angry with him for some reasons. Alia thinks that Armaan will be hers within few days. Armaan notices blood coming from Aasma’s eyes. He gets panic seeing her. He calls the doctor. Later, Armaan says to everyone that doctor said to him that Aasmaa will be alright after the surgery.

Armaan asks them to take care of Aasmaa. Alia thinks that she shouldn’t get well. Aasmaa asks them about Raja. She asks him to sit beside her. She says that she will be alright asap. She tells him that he is a good person. She asks him to stay beside her tomorrow. She will feel better if he was with her. Alia thinks that she is trying to find out the truth but she don’t know that his control is in her hand. Sukhi says that Raja will create some problems in the hospital. Armaan says that he won’t do like that. Raja assures her to stay beside her. Later, Armaan shows his love for Aasmaa in the hospital room. Raja notices it. He thinks that he loves Aasmaa a lot. Then why he behaved like that with Alia? Armaan prays for Aasma’s recovery. The doctor talks with Armaan about Aasma’s surgery. He takes Armaan’s sign in the form.

Armaan assures Aasmaa that everything will be alright. The doctor talks with Aasmaa and ask her to get ready for the surgery. Later, Armaan shares his fear with Rano. He says that he is going to pray for Aasmaa. He asks her to call him when the surgery is over. Raja says to Alia that he wants to go with Armaan. She manipulated him against Armaan. He says that he didn’t get angry on him. He is a good person. He loves him a lot. He wants to reveal everything with him. Alia thinks that she has to stop him. Armaan prays for Aasmaa. Alia asks Raja to hide the truth from Aasmaa. She lies to him that she will reveal the truth to her once she gets well. Alia provoked Raja to commit suicide. She says that we can’t live without each other. Aasmaa hears it. She worries about Raja. Aasmaa’s surgery begins. Later, the doctor is removing the dressing from Aasma’s eyes. Aasmaa recalls Alia’s deess. She calls Armaan. He rushes to there. The doctor asks Aasmaa to open her eyes slowly. Everyone is praying for her recovery. Armaan prevents Aasmaa from fall. Aasmaa tells him that she can’t see anything.

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Precap; Aasmaa learns the truth

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