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Episode starts with Aasman walking towards Aarman with a blurred vision. As she approaches him, shw trips. Aasman says that she can’t see anything and becomes violent. As he asks the doctor what’s going on, the doctor says that he already told him previously that there’s risk in this operation and she might not get back her vision. He assures Aasman that they would get the best treatment for her and get back her vision. Alia becomes very happy and decides to do romance with Armaan in front of Aasman. Armaan brings Aasman home when Aasman says that she has something to tell him. The doctor calls him so he goes out to talk to him.

Alia pretends to be very sad and plays the victim card with Raja. She says that since Aasman won’t be able to see anything, Armaan would come to Alia and try to force her again. She instigates Raja against Armaan and says that they would have to comit suicide since no one would let them be together. As Raja tries to talk to his family or Armaan she stops her. Alia says she would go and try to make Armaan understand but if he does anything wrong with her, he would come inside to save her. As Aasman tries to inform Armaan regarding Raja and Alia’s conversation regarding suicide, he says he would bring the towel for her.

In the meantime, Alia enters Armaan’s room and gets close to him. As Armaan tries to get rid of her, Alia asks her to keep quiet or else Raja would think he is trying to abuse his wife. As Asmaan asks what’s wrong and who’s here in the room, she drops the hot tea in panic and it burns Alia’s hand so she ends up shouting. Alia takes Raja to her room and convinces him to write the suicide note. Armaan closes the door of his room and talks to Aasman.

Later while Armaan waters the plants in his garden, Alia comes close and asks if he remembers that both of them used to fall down in water and used to get wet together. He throws water at her and makes her wet. He asks what he wants and says that he doesn’t know that a man never forgets his first love. He holds Alia very intimately and says that when he sees her he even feels like she is his and those memories don’t let him be at peace. Then he asks her to stay away and asks her not to get burned in her first love memories. Alia wonders what happened to Armaan and if he was lying. Alia feels happy since whatever it was it made her feel special.

Aasman closes the door of Raja’s room and opens her glasses and keeps her stick folded. It appears that Aasman can see everything and saw what Alia just did. She knows Alia’s plan and won’t let Alia do anything wrong with Raja. She tries to read the letter but her vision gets blurry. Her vision hasn’t completely cured. It keeps on getting blurry and she has asked her doctor not to tell about this.

Precap : Alia would try to check if Aasman can really see or not. That would turn out to be dangerous for Aasman and she would fall off from somewhere.

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Udaariyaan 20th December 2023 Written Update: