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The episode starts with Aasman begging Alia to tell her about her daughter. Alia gets up and throws a picture of daughter at her. She picks up the photo and sees Haniya’s photo. Aasman cries and begs her to tell her about her daughter but Alia laughs.

Harjeet’s parents ask Harjeet to open the rings and leave from here. Neetu apologises to Harjeet’s mother and says Aasman won’t be seen in any of the wedding functions further but she pushes her off. Armaan tells Harjeet’s family that they believe in Aasman the way a family member does so they must give them one last chance. Harjeet says that he doesn’t care about all this and just loves Kannu. He begs his parents to let him marry Kannu. His parents say that just for the sake of his son’s happiness they are giving them a last chance.

Neetu brings out Aasman and asks why she is doing all this and asks her to look at Kannu and say what’s wrong with her. Armaan asks Aasman what’s wrong and what is bothering her so much. She adamantly replies nothing is wrong and she is not bound to answer their questions. She says she is tired of doing things for all of them.Neetu asks Aasman to rest in her room till Kannu’s wedding ends and there’s no need to attend any function. Armaan says if she doesn’t attend the wedding functions, he wouldn’t also be with her.

Suddenly Alia says Aasman is doing all this for her. Alia says that Aasman cares about everyone and all of this is her frustration that is coming out. She says Aasman would be taken too. Good mental hospital. Armaan asks what the hell she is trying to say. Hobby says there’s no fault in showing her to the doctor since Raja is lso being treated.

Balvinder comes to Alia’s room and asks her if she knows where Aasman is now. He says that she has gone to meet Raja at the hospital since she is working hard to fix Raja. Aasman meets Raja at the hospital and feeds him ice cream. Raja tells her that she has made a card for Kannu and posted it home. Aasman asks Raja to be a good kid and take care of him. Seeing Raja’s card, everyone at home becomes happy except Alia. She gets even more annoyed seeing Armaan’s trust and concern for Aasman even after all of this.

Aasman enters Alia’s room so she asks her to do something more that would make Armaan hate her and only then would she tell her about her daughter. Aasman says that she would not be able to bear Armaan’s hatred. Alia says either she has to be in pain for his husband or her daughter. Aasman asks her what is the guarantee that she really knows something about her other daughter since maybe she doesn’t know anything at all. Alia laughs like an evil and says it might happen that she doesn’t know anything but what if she knows. She asks Aasman to decide if she wants to know about her daughter at all. Episode ends.

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Udaariyaan 20th May 2024 Written Update: Aasman dances like a lunatic at Kannu’s engagement.